Published: Mon, November 05, 2018
Industry | By Faith Ward

New Overwatch Hero Ashe Announced At BlizzCon

New Overwatch Hero Ashe Announced At BlizzCon

Ashe's gang, including omnic sidekick and muscle B.O.B, are interesting new figures in the lore, so it should be welcomed news that their leader will be joining the ranks.

In the latest Overwatch short, McCree meets up with the old Deadlock Gang, Athena the robot, and the newest playable character - Ashe. Ashe was revealed during BlizzCon, Activision-Blizzard's annual fan conference. She also carries a coach gun that pushes enemies away from her and propels her backwards.

Dynamite explodes in an area after a short delay, dealing damage over time.

Kate's State Banquet Jewels: the Queen Alexandra Wedding Necklace
Kensington Palace later confirmed it was Queen Alexandra's Wedding Necklace. British Prime Minister Theresa May was also on hand.

Saudi Arabia has ‘no intention’ of 1973 oil embargo replay
The embargo caused a sharp spike in oil and gasoline prices with long-term negative effects on the global economy. Washington is largely depending on Saudi Arabia to fill the gap left by the loss of the Iranian barrels.

Breaches to Russian-Turkish demilitarized zone deal in Syria reported
Poseidon-8 reconnaissance plane, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Colonel General Alexander Fomin said. The drones that attacked Russia's Khmeymim airbase in Syria were operated from the U.S.

To celebrate Friday's official announcement of new Lego Overwatch sets, the Lego Group released a time-lapse video of a 9-foot (2.7-meter) Lego model of Overwatch character D.Va being built.

Overwatch's new hero was announced at Blizzcon today and it looks like McCree has been knocked down to the game's second-best gunslinger. She was first shown in a fun cinematic taking place at Route 66, where we also met her partner and ultimate ability Bob.

Wielding shotguns that doubles as a sniper rifle, the 29th Overwatch hero brings more disruptive DPS action to the field. When he arrives, he charges toward enemies and pops them into the sky while firing at them with arm cannons. While Echo might not be ready to be officially revealed in-game, she has been confirmed to be Overwatch's thirtieth hero.

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