Published: Sun, August 12, 2018
Worldwide | By Sean Reid

Trump Administration Wants Space Force by 2020

Trump Administration Wants Space Force by 2020

But Space Force is very real and it's conceptualization is now taking place at the highest levels of American politics.

Chinese analysts expect Washington's ambitious plan announced on Thursday to fuel an accelerating space arms race between the two nations and Russian Federation, even though China's technology still lags behind America's. That will be joined by a Space Development Agency that, by becoming part of the defense bureaucracy, is meant to be an antidote to bureaucracy and enable new thinking.

"In his inaugural address to the nation, President Trump declared that the United States stands 'at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, '" Pence said. "But we can do this within the US Air Force".

But the intent is not to militarize space; rather it is to avert a potentially disastrous conflict, said Todd Harrison, an analyst at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

But Mr Pence was carrying the Trump message loud and clear today, describing space as "crowded and adversarial".

Part of the announcement for 2020 involved an email from Trump's campaign team calling on supporters to help choose one of six logos for the futuristic Space Force.

Dodge noted that creating a Space Force now, instead of waiting for the future, would allow the "Keep pace with and [go] beyond the abilities of potential adversaries to the United States".

"The president told a U.S. general to create a new Space Force as 6th branch of military today, which generals tell me they don't want", Democratic Sen. The Air Force now oversees some of the most critical space-based capabilities. Once Space Force merchandise hits the Trump campaign store, it won't be long before it starts showing up at Trump rallies. Military personnel and experts have warned of the cost implications of the program and others say the Air Force are anxious that their responsibilities will be curbed. First, the administration would create a new Space Command-similar to the military's current Cyber or Special Operations Command-by the end of the year. "Unfortunately, because space is one of the 11 other missions they have, it is always going to be subordinate, but worse it's going to be a pay-for, which is what's happened over these years". The first order of business, according to the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, is to pick a cool Space Force logo.

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"Space Force all the way!" the president tweeted.

The Pentagon submitted a report to Congress on Thursday detailing its space management changes. "President Trump", he said.

The White House has pushed for Congress to invest an additional $8 billion in national security space systems over the next five years.

"'Space Force, you know I love it. We have a Navy to protect shipping lanes", she said.

In his speech, Pence urged the audience to support the administration's effort to create the department.

"Trump's like, 'We're gonna go up there and we're gonna have sex with those aliens!'" Noah said, "and Pence is like, 'There will be no sex with aliens... not until after marriage'".

"The only thing we can't afford is inaction", he said.

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