Published: Thu, August 09, 2018
Culture | By Henry Herrera

Oscars Adds Popular Movie Category, Announces Other Big Changes

Oscars Adds Popular Movie Category, Announces Other Big Changes

The second: They are all bad, whether you're a filmmaker or movie fan. The 2018 best picture victor, "The Shape of Water", had grossed $57.4 million in the United States by the time the awards aired and $63.9 million total. But "shorter" doesn't necessarily mean "better" either. Or might both categories have a sliding scale between 5 and 10 nominees? More often than not, the biggest films of the year are shut out from the main award categories, with the exception of the technical categories like makeup and special effects.

And while the Logies plays a straight line between the two in brand terms, there is an inevitable perception that one group is seen as better, or more professionally legitimate, than the other.

For many professionals and artists, winning an Oscar is the realization of a lifelong dream that they get to celebrate with the entire world. Really, what's being awarded is the best media campaign by a studio, and how they manuvered their movie in front of Academy members, who probably haven't even watched 85% of the entries in the first place. ABC has not commented publicly on today's announcement, but sources tell Variety they're relieved the Academy finally took action.

They've made similar allowances in the past. Inversely, it gives The Academy a "Popcorn Oscar" to pass out rather than considering those films for a more traditional award.

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Such films are certainly popular, as Black Panther recently passed $700M in the United States, the most for any MCU film ever domestically.

Another change includes the addition of Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film.

On Wednesday, the organization announced a number of impending changes to the Oscars, including its intention to add a new category for achievement in popular film. But sometimes lots of people see a film even if it's not particularly great (like Jurassic World), and sometimes because it's an fantastic movie worthy of being considered among the year's best (like Thor: Ragnarok). Since their Best Picture no longer represents what the ticket buyers like they HAVE to do this. (They don't specify which categories will be shunted to slots that won't be broadcast live, but if you're, say, a Hollywood sound editor or production designer, it might be best to start mentally preparing and managing your family's expectations now.) The Academy stresses that it will tape and edit those acceptance speeches on the fly, and insert them into the broadcast at some point.

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