Published: Mon, August 20, 2018
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Heavy Sniper Rifle, Thora Skin and Bugs Fixes

Heavy Sniper Rifle, Thora Skin and Bugs Fixes

Deliver devastating damage to enemies and even more to structures with the newest weapon dropping into Battle Royale, the Heavy Sniper Rifle.

Playground is the latest addition to the game and is a outcome free mode with more loot and unlimited respawning to allow players to get creative. While it is incredibly hard to find in the game world, it's capable of taking down any material in one shot and deals 150 damage to players.

The patch also adds two limited-time mode in Battle Royale. Called the "Soaring 50's", it's objective is to give players more mobility by increasing the loot spawns of impulse grenades, bounce pads and launch pads. Basically, get up in the air and get moving. Basically, a bullet from a Heavy Sniper will, no matter what material is used for it.

The publisher has revealed their schedule for the event, noting that they'll have new content for Overwatch to show off. Most notably, the Heavy Sniper Rifle is making its debut in the battle royale version of the game while the minigun has seen a nerf. You can find the patch notes in the spoilers below. Loot, ammo, and resource levels are the same as in previous versions of the mode, but this time, players will have a greater chance of coming across Launch Pads, Boost Pads, and Impulse Grenades. Gliders can be re-deployed when falling, meaning that falling to your death is something you're going to actively be trying to do.

Trump Administration Wants Space Force by 2020
The Pentagon submitted a report to Congress on Thursday detailing its space management changes. "President Trump", he said. Once Space Force merchandise hits the Trump campaign store, it won't be long before it starts showing up at Trump rallies.

Mother Orca Spotted Carrying Dead Calf For 17th Day
J50/Scarlet Update: Determined teams from Fisheries and Oceans Canada spotted Jpod again today (8/8), this time in U.S. If things go well, she said , the team could move ahead with feeding the orca live salmon from a boat.

Oscars Adds Popular Movie Category, Announces Other Big Changes
ABC has not commented publicly on today's announcement, but sources tell Variety they're relieved the Academy finally took action. Inversely, it gives The Academy a "Popcorn Oscar" to pass out rather than considering those films for a more traditional award.

Sniper Shootout makes its return and brings the Heavy Sniper Rifle along for the ride. Stats are not tracked in this mode, just like the regular 50v50.

This weapon is similar to a Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, with the addition of wall penetration. Atlas activation has also been fixed in multi-gate Fight the Storm missions. The new challenges should be available on August 16. "We've identified what's causing this and are investigating the issue to work towards a fix".

Since the developers are now expanding, the game is slowly being made available across all Android devices.

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