Published: Wed, July 04, 2018
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Seehofer’s last-ditch attempt to agree on migration issue

Seehofer’s last-ditch attempt to agree on migration issue

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives have settled a row over migration that had threatened to topple her fragile governing coalition, after talks with her rebellious Interior Minister led him to drop his threat to resign.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's ruling coalition was facing an uncertain future, as her hardline conservative interior minister Sunday offered his resignation after weeks of battling to change her mind on migrant policy.

Germany's constitution prevents federal ministers from outright quitting their positions, and must request to be dismissed by the German President.

"Angela Merkel doesn't want to move or is unable to move due to European obligations", says Patzelt.

Last week he threatened to turn back asylum seekers at Germany's borders unless Merkel reached an acceptable deal with other European Union countries, a move that has raised questions about the chancellor's political future.

"I would like to make a promise to you: the Austrian presidency will do everything possible so that in the long term we have a Europe without internal borders again", Kurz told MEPs.

Top CSU officials had said they wanted to stay in government with Mrs Merkel's CDU.

"Both the chancellor and (Bavaria's Horst) Seehofer are damaged".

Public anger and fear about the newcomers has given rise to the far-right, anti-Islam Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, which entered parliament a year ago and threatens Seehofer's CSU in Bavarian state polls in October.

In effect, the likely outcome of the deal is as Dr Merkel wished - a European one.

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"We are well into the final chapter of the Merkel era", he said. By suspending the European Union's Dublin regulations, which govern where immigrants are allowed to apply for asylum, Merkel took Hungary's burden and made it Germany's.

Both European and U.S. markets had mixed macro data outcome on Monday and it had little effect on the pair as investors were focused on German political proceedings.

Before the refugee crisis of 2015, Seehofer was mainly concerned with regional pet projects tolerated by Merkel, such as rewarding mothers who raise young children at home with state benefits and charging foreign motorists for using Germany's Autobahn.

She could also call a vote of no confidence.

Senior CSU lawmaker and former interior minister Hans-Peter Friedrich wrote on his Twitter account that the CDU and CSU wouldn't let themselves be divided.

Seehofer is threatening to resign amid a growing divide with Chancellor Merkel over migration policy.

In such a circumstance, Merkel would no longer have a parliamentary majority, and consequently, there would be new elections, Patzelt explains.

What is 100 percent clear is that nobody wants new elections because only ...

What did Mrs Merkel negotiate with the EU?

The CSU's hard line on migration comes amid a growth in support for the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party in Bavaria, where state elections will be held in October.

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