Published: Tue, June 12, 2018
Markets | By Terence Owen

IHOP name change: The 'B' is for burgers

IHOP name change: The 'B' is for burgers

After keeping the internet on its toes for several weeks, IHOP officials have announced the company's name change to IHOb. Though IHOP earned world renown for its fluffy and delicious pancakes, the wildly popular restaurants will now be known as the International House of Burgers. Many on social media guessed that it would be "breakfast", "bacon" and yes, some got it right with burgers.

IHOP revealed the name could be changed to IHOb, but did not share what the b stands for. The company disclosed the new IHOb identity last week, although it didn't say what the "b" represented.

The International House of Pancakes has been around since 1958. IHOP's pancakes aren't going anywhere, but the chain does hope to sell more burgers-which it's actually had on the menu since its start in 1958.

The wait is nearly over! - today, we find out what the mysterious "B" is all about in Ihop's name change.

Along the way, the chain inadvertently revealed something else-that many of its customers don't even know what the P represents.

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Several locations in LA are also getting brand new signs with the new lettering while the campaign runs.

Most are simply confused by the change.

IHOP's website now features the IHOb logo - but the site's URL remains the same, and its business descriptions and statements continue to list breakfast as a main priority.

Don't worry, the change isn't permanent, according to the company.

IHOb's revamped menu features seven different specialty steakburgers: The Jalepeno Kick, Cowboy BBQ, Classic with Bacon, Mega Monster, Mushroom & Swiss, Big Brunch and The Classic.

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