Published: Fri, May 04, 2018
Worldwide | By Sean Reid

Iran says will not renegotiate nuclear deal, warns against changes

Iran says will not renegotiate nuclear deal, warns against changes

United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, on Thursday warned against scrapping an worldwide deal on Iran's nuclear programme unless there was a good alternative in place.

Defying Western demands, Iran has repeatedly said it has no intention of reducing its imprint in Middle East affairs and its missile capabilities, which it has said are defensive in nature and have nothing to with nuclear activity covered by the deal.

In July 2015, by signing JCPOA, Iran agreed to limit its nuclear program in exchange for the removal of all nuclear-related sanctions.

Zarif referenced US President Donald Trump's unhappiness with the deal, and said, "We will neither outsource our security, not will we renegotiate ... a deal we already have implemented in good faith".

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said Tehran "will not accept any restrictions beyond its commitments" to comply with global rules in the years ahead.The secretary general's comments came just days after Israel revealed what it said "secret nuclear files" accusing Iran of having covertly pursued nuclear weapons.

This all comes less than two weeks before President Donald Trump decides whether the USA plans to stay in Iran nuclear deal or not.

A collapse of the nuclear deal could have widespread consequences, ranging from a rise in oil prices to an increased risk of conflict should Iran resume controversial parts of its nuclear program.

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It is also meant to cut its stockpile of enriched uranium drastically and not enrich remaining uranium to the level needed to produce nuclear weapons. "Bluster or threats won't get the U.S. a new deal, particularly as it is not honoring a deal it has already made".

Zarif was responding to Britain, France and Germany who said on Sunday that the nuclear agreement left out some "important elements".

"I just want to say whatever the decision will be, we will have to prepare such a broader negotiation and a broader deal, because I think nobody wants a war in the region, and nobody wants an escalation in terms of tension in the region", he said.

"Iran accepts the nuclear agreement as it has been prepared and will not accept adding or removing anything", he said.

Iran has denied ever seeking nuclear weapons and accuses its arch-foe Israel of stirring up world suspicions against it.

According to him, if one day there is a better agreement to replace it, it is fine, but we should not scrap it unless we have a good alternative.

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