Published: Fri, April 13, 2018
Worldwide | By Sean Reid

White House: Syria strike decision not yet made

White House: Syria strike decision not yet made

The announcement comes as the Republican president weighs military strikes in the war-wracked country - and shortly after the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided the offices of Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen.

A day before the military strike was carried out, Trump said he likes to think of himself as a "flexible person" and suggested that his attitude toward Syria and its President, Bashar al-Assad, had changed after seeing images out of Syria from the aftermath of the chemical attack.

Asked on Monday after the Federal Bureau of Investigation raids if he would fire Mueller, Trump replied, "We'll see what happens". Reportedly he had increasingly dug into the evidence of alleged money laundering, a series of frauds and justice obstruction in Trump's inner circle.

"Trump chooses impulse over strategy as crises mount", reads the headline on one prominent story, which then launched into a tale of how the president's advisors have learned to work around his madness.

President Donald Trump's warning on Wednesday morning that U.S. missiles "will be coming" to Syria was notable not only for its military and geopolitical implications, but because he tipped off USA plans in exactly the same manner for which he's criticized his predecessor. The White House did not immediately reply to a request for comment about Cobb and McGahn trying to dissuade Trump. As the president noted on April 8, the chemical weapons attack by the Syrian regime against innocent civilians in Duma, Syria on April 7 was horrifying, and demands an immediate response from the global community."The threat to rain down missiles on Syria is a direct contrast to Trump's promise not to tell America's enemies what he's planning on doing militarily".

On Monday, Mr. Trump said a decision on how to respond to the attacks would come in "24 to 48" hours.

His anger had not abated by early Tuesday.

"A TOTAL WITCH HUNT!" the president blasted on Twitter amid news that Federal Bureau of Investigation agents had seized documents pertaining to his dealings with Cohen.

"This is about getting Donald Trump at all costs even if it means stretching the boundaries of exceptions to attorney-client privilege", said former Trump campaign adviser Michael Caputo.

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In a phone call with CNN, Cohen admitted the raid was "upsetting to say the least". He told CNN he believes everything he did concerning Stormy Daniels was legal, but said he would be lying if he said he was not anxious. Do I need this in my life? No.

Senior members of the US Congress have repeatedly urged Trump not to fire the special counsel.

The advice of the lawyers takes on greater significance following the departure of key aides, such as Hope Hicks, who recently resigned as White House communications director. "The final decision has not been made yet", Sanders said.

After months of silence, Trump last week offered a flat "no" when asked if he knew about the payment.

The firing would be premised on Rosenstein having overreached his remit.

The raid once again prompted Trump to muse about firing special counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating Russia's efforts to swing the 2016 election in Trump's favour. He added that he had been "talking to people in the White House about it". "The President will remain in the United States to oversee the American response to Syria and to monitor developments around the world".

Trump had already cut the visit short twice - from five days, to three - and, finally, to none.

Vice President Mike Pence will travel to Peru in Trump's stead for the Summit of the Americas, press secretary Sarah Sanders announced.

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