Published: Thu, April 05, 2018
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Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King

For others who were mere children in 1968, the memories may be a bit murkier.

Perhaps the grandest, most sweeping memorial Wednesday will be in Memphis, where King was slain while standing on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel.

Lucile Mallard remembers the day well.

Inspired by his faith, the Baptist minister helped direct the Montgomery Bus boycott initiated by Rosa Parks in 1955, helped found and led the SCLC, organized numerous marches and sit-ins, and penned five books. People sang "We Shall Overcome".

King was not afraid to sacrifice his own freedom in an effort to secure freedoms for others, going to jail 29 times on charges related to his work as a civil rights leader. "It was down south and we were in NY".

"Martin Luther King, Jr. advocated for a consistent set of principles, revolving around the idea of human dignity and equality".

Tributes saluting King will take place in the courtyard of the Lorraine Motel. That's where it happened.

Tom Jarriel explains, "This is where the shooting occurred. where Dr. King was killed". "It was a moment of reality". He said it promised to be a "very special" event for workers.

"Rates of poverty have improved only marginally, and those who are black and poor live in segregated conditions that do not reflect much headway since 1968", Goudsouzian said.

Adams said the assassination felt "as if darkness had taken hold" of the nation.

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But his legacy, Jackson said, survives in the hearts, minds and actions of demonstrators today wielding flags of racial, social and economic justice. "He understood power, and for him power could be defined in voting", Jones said. Violence erupted in more than 100 cities, killing 40 people and causing extensive property damage. Researchers have said Memphis is still learning how to achieve the dream King had.

The Rev. Donald Golden, pastor of Mt.

I asked my mom, "How did King die?" His life and work will be remembered in observances held all over the country. The bells will first ring at the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tenn., at 6:01 p.m. Wednesday (St. Louis time), then throughout the city of Memphis at 6:03 p.m. followed by the rest of the country a few minutes later.

He said his parents and their church were not comfortable with clergyman being on the forefront of such explosive issues as race.

"That was something that went through a lot of our minds as African-American soldiers", Griffin said.

Several events around the region Wednesday will memorialize King's life and death.

Dr King, whose birthday is marked by a federal holiday, is held as a USA hero. Another event will kick off about the same time in Atlanta, where King's daughter the Rev. Bernice A. King is moderating an awards ceremony in his honor. Seeking to prove that non-violent protests still worked, King vowed to lead a peaceful march and returned to Memphis days later. Olive, recalls the aftermath, though not the day itself. "You disappeared. You're running out on me", Young remembers King telling him. "There was weeping in the room". The sound will represent the number of years Dr. King was alive.

It is why the chorus of United States establishment voices that never miss an opportunity to spout insincere platitudes whenever Martin Luther King's name is raised or his legacy commemorated, are swimming in hypocrisy.

"I think that God has a plan for each of us on Earth".

"He brought together preachers and rabbis".

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