Published: Mon, April 30, 2018
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People Seeking Asylum In US From Central America Arrive In Tijuana

People Seeking Asylum In US From Central America Arrive In Tijuana

Most of those seeking asylum are women and children from Honduras - including 70 to 80 infants - who advocates say are fleeing violence and instability following contentious presidential elections.

Donald Trump is firm on his stand that illegal migrants from Mexico are not welcome in the United States. They are expected to seek asylum in the United States.

"Both U.S. law and a United Nations treaty on the rights of refugees require that asylum-seekers get a fair hearing", Guerrero notes.

Pueblos Sin Fronteras volunteers say they and other organizations are simply explaining to vulnerable people what rights they have, not coaching them to break the law.

What's the problem with migrants seeking asylum? Asylum seekers must have a well-founded fear of persecution due to their race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular "social group", a broad category that has included domestic violence victims and others.

As Sunday's showdown at the busy Tijuana-San Diego border crossing neared, Amnesty International hoisted a billboard promoting the right to asylum in the US on a truck in Tijuana that drove around the city. Asylum seekers are screened and have their backgrounds checked and, depending on how they entered the country, may be detained pending a hearing. "I have also directed that we commit any additional necessary immigration judges to adjudicate any cases that may arise from this 'caravan'".

Q:Is this caravan something new?

Nielsen's threat is consistent with the administration's narrative of widespread asylum fraud and claims that asylum-seekers are coached on what to tell US authorities. The caravan is a yearly event held since 2010 around Easter.

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The caravan was organized by the far left organziation People Without Borders.

Sanders said the ruling would encourage immigrants to come to the USA border.

The controversial migrant caravan that drew national outrage as it made its way through Mexico toward the US arrived just south of the California border on Thursday.

Central Americans fleeing violence have found it hard to receive asylum based on gang violence waiting for them at home, as NPR's Eyder Peralta reported in 2016.

Central American asylum seekers ride a bus to Tijuana on April 25.

The president's aggressive approach to the caravan appears to have worn down the resolve of some members. "Smugglers and traffickers and those who lie or commit fraud will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law", he continued.

The caravan was stalled in southern Mexico earlier this month, and many participants chose to seek asylum in Mexico instead of continuing.

Immigration attorney Nicole Ramos said Trump's instruction can't be implemented because USA and global law require asylum-seekers get a fair hearing.

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