Published: Fri, March 16, 2018
Culture | By Henry Herrera

Trump win due to 'backward' states, Hillary Clinton suggests

Trump win due to 'backward' states, Hillary Clinton suggests

Many Americans who are old enough to remember the black comedian Flip Wilson can remember his character Geraldine, whom he often portrayed in his skits.

It seems like every day gives me a new reason to be glad I didn't vote for Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton visiting India's historic Jahaz Mahal palace on March 12.

"[Democrats] do not do well with white men, and we don't do well with married, white women". Obama-to-Trump voters diverge from the Democratic Party on many core issues, and in any case they are not particularly loyal Democrats: Less than one third of Obama-to-Trump voters supported Democrats down-ballot in 2016, and only 37 percent identify as Democrats.

She also paid a visit where the famous Maheshwari sarees are weaved and took a boat ride on the banks of Narmada River.

Another Clinton surrogate questioned the decisionmaking behind Clinton's remarks.

Mrs. Clinton blamed racists and sexists with an acute hatred for black people.

AC Milan v Arsenal
It is not only Arsenal's defenders who struggle when they leave the relatively safe confines of the Emirates Stadium. AC Milan are a team that is playing well and it seems like everything the manager is trying is working.

'American Idol' contestant kissed Katy Perry...and didn't like it
In the current climate of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, the ill-gotten kiss sparked a lot of dissent from " Idol " audiences. Glazed responded, "I have never been in a relationship and I can't kiss a girl without being in a relationship".

Buhari receives U.S. secretary of state at Aso Rock
Homeland Security has insisted nothing can be done until the review of Chad's progress is complete. Tillerson said Chad had made important steps to strengthen control over its security and passports.

Clinton also noted - as she has before - that the forces of Russian interference that led Trump to the Presidency are still at work around the globe, something that she said "represents a clear and present danger to democracy everywhere".

"You know, if people were looking for the reality TV campaign, maybe I should have given them more entertainment".

The video shows that after the second slip, the former presidential candidate kicked off her sandals and proceeded the rest of the way down the steps.

"We need leaders like her to look forward to 2020 and how to unify the party, not continue to re-litigate the past".

For good measure, Clinton tore into women who voted for Trump as well - and suggested that they are all little Tammy Wynettes standing by their men.

She said it was shameful that the USA was the only country which was now not in the Paris agreement on climate change.

Not surprisingly, even liberal academics make Clinton's sexist argument. You don't like women ... getting jobs. She said, "She ran the presidential campaign like a mother who was telling the kids to eat spinach because it was good for health while the other guy was asking them to go eat fast food and have ice-cream", India Today reported.

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