Published: Tue, March 20, 2018
Culture | By Henry Herrera

New Jim Carrey Art Depicts Trump: 'Wicked Witch of the West Wing'

New Jim Carrey Art Depicts Trump: 'Wicked Witch of the West Wing'

As such, Carrey was forced to respond to press inquiries, however his spokeswoman would only confirm that is was, in fact, his painting, but would not confirm that it's Sanders.

Over the weekend, Jim Carrey tweeted a portrait he painted that looks an bad lot like White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

You might not be aware, but he also works in other mediums and is a keen hobby painter. Rather, he described the image as "a so-called Christian whose only objective in life is to lie for the wicked".

This political painting seemingly of Huckabee Sanders isn't the first go-round Carrey has had with portraits mocking political figures.

Portraying Trump as a witch likely alludes to the President's frequent use of the term "witch hunt" on Twitter. "Monstrous!" he captioned the image.

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On Sunday, he tweeted out a caricature of White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, along with a message calling out the chasm between her actions and her proclaimed religious beliefs.

Twitter reacts to Jim Carrey painting of Sarah SandersGov.

It read: "Pathetic BULLY, sexist, hater, bigot & "Christaphobe" @ attacks @ for her faith; what would be hypocritical Hollywood reaction if he called someone a "so-called Muslim" or "so-called Jew?"

Carrey did pay a tribute to the late Stephen Hawking, by painting a picture of the world-renowned physicist sitting in his wheelchair. Since the one-year mark under President Trump, Carrey has created satirical cartoons of both the Trump administration and the Republican congressmen and then has tweeted them out to his followers.

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