Published: Sun, March 25, 2018
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Melania Trump's cyberbullying campaign continues to confuse

Melania Trump's cyberbullying campaign continues to confuse

The ceremony occurred amid great turmoil at the State Department. She took her seat on stage in a plush chair and listened as State Department official Heather Nauert introduced her as a philanthropist and humanitarian who is focused on the well-being of children and who works tirelessly to raise awareness of the damaging effects of opioid addiction and cyberbullying.

"As we recognize these incredible women, let us think for a moment about what courage truly is", the first lady said. Yet, it is often the hardest to find. "Courage is what sets apart the heroes from the rest. The women of courage we honor here today are heroes".

First lady Melania Trump leaves the stage after presenting the International Women of Courage awards, Friday March 23, 2018, at the State Department in Washington. From left are Roya Sadat, of Afghanistan, L'Malouma Said, of Mauritania, Godelieve Mukasarasi, of Rwanda, Dr. Julissa Villanueva, of Honduras, Trump, Aliyah Khalaf Saleh, of Iraq, Aiman Umarova, of Kazakhstan, Sister Maria Elena Berini, of Italy, Dr. Feride Rushiti, of Kosovo, and Sirikan Charoensiri, of Thailand.

Two cousins from Maryland wrote President Donald Trump a letter asking to bake him cookies and he invited them to come to the White House to bake with Melania Trump.

The first lady was expected to stay in Florida through Easter, per tradition.

In the more than hour-long interview with host Anderson Cooper, Ms McDougal spoke about a relationship she says she had with Mr Trump in 2006 and 2007, choking up as she recounted the guilt she felt for being a party to the affair, during which she went with him to his family apartment at Trump Tower in New York City, going in through a back entrance.

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump listen to Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar during a St. Patrick’s Day reception in the East Room of the White House
Melania Trump Is *All Smiles* Standing Next To Donald Amid Reports That She 'Hates' What Her Life Has Become!

'No one was paying attention to her two years ago, ' a source says.

It was her first interview since suing American Media Inc (AMI), which owns The National Enquirer tabloid, last week to be released from an agreement giving it exclusive rights to her story about the alleged affair.

First lady Melania Trump praised 10 women as "heroes who walk among us" during the State Department's International Women of Courage award ceremony Friday.

During a round table Tuesday, she is reported to have said: 'I am well aware that people are skeptical of me discussing this topic. "I wouldn't want it done to me".

As reported in the press schedule for Friday from the White House's Office of the Press Secretary, both Mr. and Mrs. Trump were expected to leave the White House via the South Lawn en route to Joint Base Andrews.

Trump Threatens to Veto Omnibus Spending Bill
He said he signed it in order to provide needed money for the military. "My highest duty is to keep America safe". Trump painted a picture in which he tried in vain "to explain to [Democrats] the military is for everybody".

Devil is in the dots: Widely-predicted Fed hike unsettles investors
The midpoint of the Fed's target range will now reach 3.4 percent by 2020, higher than the 3.1 percent announced previously. Higher interest rates could also make debt servicing more hard for a large number of leveraged firms across the world.

Facebook hires firm to audit Cambridge Analytica
The issue concerns data gathered after more than 270,000 people downloaded a personality test app called "thisisyourdigitallife". They also offered to use Ukrainian sex workers and companies employing ex-spies to help dig dirt on political candidates.

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