Published: Sat, February 10, 2018
Industry | By Faith Ward

Windows 10 S Build 17093 Helps Users Ditch Passwords

Windows 10 S Build 17093 Helps Users Ditch Passwords

For those using Windows 10 S, Microsoft's extra secure version of Windows, they will have the option to ditch passwords. This means you may need to miss Google's conference if you'd like to attend the Microsoft Build 2018 where a bunch of new announcements from the world of Windows are expected to emerge.

Build 17093, which Microsoft released to Fast Ring PC testers on February 7, includes this new button, as well as a few other tweaks and lots of fixes.

These apps will run in a sandboxed AppX container in Windows 10 and won't carry any browser window.

On this event, you can find out what's being released in the next Windows 10 Update. This build is a portion of the RS4 section, which depicts the subsequent Windows 10 update the corporation has still to declare. Microsoft says that "applications are always allowed to have the ultimate choice of which GPU to use", and thus you might still be able to / want to adjust preferences within some specific applications. You can see if your laptop is included by going to Settings Apps Video playback and seeing if you can switch the toggle to on to access a new calibration tool.

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Microsoft lamented passwords as "inconvenient and insecure" and has explained that with the Authenticator App, a CP running Windows 10 S could be set up without the need for a password. It's a move that improves security and makes devices easier to manage in school settings, asserted the company in the operating system's May 2017 debut. The preview will also be testing the new privacy tools that were announced during Data Privacy Day. In general the power saving GPU is the integrated GPU on a system, and the high performance GPU is the discrete GPU or external GPU. Moreover, there is a new "Clutter-free printing" option that can remove ads and more for certain type of web pages.

Talking about security, Windows Defender is now Windows Security in Settings, and the window has been remodeled.

Giving so much importance to PWAs puts a question mark on the future of UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps.

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