Published: Thu, February 01, 2018
Research | By Francis Brooks

Google completes its billion dollar purchase of HTC's mobile division

Google completes its billion dollar purchase of HTC's mobile division

The deal that had been rumored for years, and was officially announced several months ago, is officially official. Numerous employees joining Google worked on developing the Pixel and Pixel 2. This represents a major expansion of Google's initiatives into hardware, but also poses as an additional challenge for high-end Android smartphone manufacturers.

While noting that Google has launched its second-generation Made by Google products since announcing the HTC deal, including the Pixel 2 and Google Home Mini, Osterloh said that producing hardware is "hard".

Google expands 'Mute This Ad' tool functionality
Users keep on seeing the ads - typically known as " reminder ads " - of the items that they ordered or browsed in the recent past. At that point, you might be served reminder ads encouraging you to return to that retailer's site and complete your transaction.

'No ISIS fighters' in Turkish offensive area
Just last week, Erdogan promised to "drown" Kurdish forces that the United States is training near Syria's border with Turkey. Tillerson told Cavusoglu that the proposed 30-km safe zone would address Turkey's security concerns, the source added.

Yemeni Separatists Seize Key Presidential Security Base In Aden
Hadi has accused the UAE of taking advantage of Yemen's civil war to boost its own influence in the south of the country. The main conflict between the Hadi-Saudi alliance and the Houthis rebels has been in a bloody stalemate for three years.

Let's not beat around the bush: Google has not acquired HTC as a sole entity. But modern phones offer features like augmented reality and artificial intelligence-based services that require close integration of software and hardware.

"This investment lets us partner with a great local champion in Indonesia's flourishing start-up ecosystem, while also deepening our commitment to Indonesia's internet economy", Sengupta added. The search giant had penned a deal with HTC to scoop up about half of its research and design division. HTC will continue to make smartphones of its own and compete against Google's Pixel handsets. Since then, the iPhone maker released system-on-a-chips for track motion, payment data, and even AI algorithms on its smartphones. Though we reported yesterday that making your own custom hardware requires a ton of cash even though it saves a bit on component costs, Google has a lot of liquid cash that it can use for this very goal. The company promised more similar pieces of "custom silicon" in the next years. However, it is likely that many of these devices were already in the pipeline. The latest device of the internet giant, Pixel, has a new graphics processor to improve the device's camera. By contrast, Samsung is estimated to have shipped more than 300 million smartphone units past year.

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