Published: Sat, February 10, 2018
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German SPD leader gives up bid for foreign minister in new gov't

German SPD leader gives up bid for foreign minister in new gov't

Mr Schulz's claim on the foreign ministry marked his second major U-turn since September elections that ground the storied labour party down to just 20.5 per cent of the vote.

The Social Democrats are widely viewed to have secured a good deal in the coalition negotiations - capturing the powerful finance ministry, along with the foreign and labor ministries and three others that it already held.

Many young and leftist members are against the renewed so-called Grand Coalition between the SPD and the Union.

"I hereby declare my renunciation of joining the federal government and at the same time sincerely hope that this will end the personnel debates within the SPD", he said.

He reversed that position under pressure in November after Merkel's talks with the Greens and Free Democrats to form a multi-party government collapsed in acrimony.

The chancellor is desperate to get a government in place and end the months of political limbo that have hampered decision-making in Germany, Europe's largest economy, and caused concern among its partners in the European Union, which faces challenges from eurozone reform to Brexit.

Gabriel said Germans appear to think he has been successful "and it's clear I regret that the new Social Democrat leadership didn't care about this public appreciation of my work".

Sigmar Gabriel, a popular foreign minister in the previous government and until recently seen as a close friend of Schulz, bitterly attacked his party leader in an interview on Thursday, hinting at broken promises.

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Kuehnert, 28, is travelling around Germany urging members to vote against the deal.

The deal will now be submitted to a ballot of the Social Democrats' membership, a process that will take a few weeks.

A deal to govern with Chancellor Merkel's conservatives still has to be endorsed by SPD members.

Discontent also simmered in parts of the conservative bloc on Friday.

"We shouldn't only talk about how we want to shape the next four years in Germany but also what the CDU will stand for in future, which topics we can win elections with in the next 10 years and people go along with topics", he said.

And Norbert Röttgen, a foreign policy expert in the party, told the same newspaper the way the portfolios had been carved up meant the CDU would be structurally weakened and have less influence on government in the future.

The move drew criticism from SPD members, who believed their party should reinvent itself in opposition.

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