Published: Wed, January 17, 2018
Culture | By Henry Herrera

Pregnant Kylie Jenner Caught One of Her Employees Trying to Photograph Her

Pregnant Kylie Jenner Caught One of Her Employees Trying to Photograph Her

However, during Sunday's two-episode extravaganza of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, her mother Kris Jenner may have alluded to that elusive baby bump during a phone call conversation that was caught on camera for the show.

From the moment Khloé Kardashian confirmed she was expecting her first child, fans of the famous E! family have been waiting for Kylie to follow.

After gathering everyone for a barbecue, Tristan said: "I think it's flawless timing that my family's here and all your family's here to unite as one".

"We're having a baby", she announces, prompting her "momager" to break down in tears, and Kourtney to joke: "No wonder you gained a few pounds!" "Koko, wanna throw the hammer down?"

Kris did reveal that one of Kylie's new employees was trying to photograph her - which would be a big no-no since there are virtually no photographs of pregnant Kylie.

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Khloe said: "Well, you missed the barbecue and I really wanted to tell you something" - before Kylie, 20, blurted out: 'Are you pregnant?'

She said: "I've got kids with problems, I can't stay anywhere for more than five minutes!" This points out that Kylie, as well as other stars, does not have privacy even in their own home because of people who are trying to exploit her. "Tristan and I are so nervous to tell everyone", she said.

New paparazzi pics are circulating on Tuesday of a pregnant someone who ~looks~ like Miz Jenner shopping at CVS!

In the episode, Kardashian takes a pregnancy test and shares the news with her assistant. "I'm happy that I get to talk about it now with my sisters. I'm so happy for you!" she replied.

What's the first thing you would do if you happened to spot Kylie Jenner out and about? The famous family have gone to desperate measures to keep any speculation around Kylie nothing but a rumour - and somehow, we think don't think that is going to change.

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