Published: Wed, January 24, 2018
Research | By Francis Brooks

Integral Memory claims biggest microSD record with new 512GB card

Integral Memory claims biggest microSD record with new 512GB card

Now, the title of the world's highest capacity microSD card belongs to Integral Memory's new 512GB microSDXC V10 UHS-I U1 card.

Integral Memory is releasing a microSD card that should mean you'll rarely have to offload photos and videos from your phone to a separate storage device or the cloud.

Europe-wide memory specialist Integral Memory plc has beaten all competitors and answered a growing need for increased capacity on mobile devices.

If you've always been wanting to get a huge capacity microSD card, you may be intrigued with the world's first 512GB microSD card.

It will be available next month but there was no information given on how much one of these babies will cost.

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Integral has already tested the performance of its new 512GB microSDXC card with a range of smartphones.

Back in September we noted that SanDisk launched a 400GB microSD UHS-I card.

Since it's certified for class 10 speeds, you won't have to wait around forever for file transfers to complete. In fact, according to our best guess using this list, you likely could download the entire current Nintendo Switch library to this card-and still have about 50 GB to spare.

Integral's 512GB card features a Video Speed Class 10 rating, allowing for transfer speeds up to 80MB per second. We don't yet know the price though. That would be Integral Memory's all-new 512GB chip. They also didn't mention any pricing, but the 400GB SanDisk card sold for a healthy $US249.99 ($313), so this one is sure to be a wallet buster.

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