Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
Research | By Francis Brooks

Final Remix Coming To Nintendo Switch With New Content

Final Remix Coming To Nintendo Switch With New Content

Well, Nintendo answered the internet this morning with a Nintendo Direct Mini containing a litany of announcements, headlined by the reveal that Dark Souls Remastered and Mario Tennis Aces are coming to the Switch this year. This version of the game will also be available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the PC on May 25.

Switch fans - its time to get excited, because Square Enix is bringing one of its quirkiest JRPGs to Nintendo's hybrid.

FromSoft's long-running, extremely punishing action RPG is coming to Nintendo Switch on May 25.

Want to see everything? What was your favorite of today's announcements? Different game modes, like a new piranha mode that looks similar to the Piranha Challenge from the first Mario Tennis game on the Nintendo 64, also appear to be part of the game.

Dark Souls: Remastered - All the frustration you loved from FromSoftware's original Dark Souls (complete with the Artorias of Abyss DLC), but in a portable form. Find it on Nintendo Switch this Summer. The original game is included in all its slippery, frozen glory with a brand-new novice mode that lets players take up the mantle of Funky Kong, a "groovy" new character who can hover, double jump, and use his surfboard to do a lot of cool tricks underwater. This version of the game will also include the ability to play as Funky Kong, according to Eurogamer. That may be reason enough to play this Wii U port when it hits stores on May 4.

Trump moves back his 'Fake News Awards,' citing high interest
Maybe-maybe-there was a chance that we would, for at least a couple minutes, stop paying attention to Donald Trump . But President Trump isn't one to be overshadowed, so he's getting in on the awards show action himself.

Trump administration to end provisional residency for 200000 Salvadorans
In November, the Trump administration said it was ending TPS for Haitians who came to the US after the deadly 2010 quake . The decision was criticized by Republican and Democratic lawmakers from Florida.

SpaceX claims malfunctioning rocket worked just as it was supposed to
But as of now, Northrop Grumman has denied to make any comment regarding the Zuma mission and its fate. Northrop Grumman declined comment, citing inability to comment on classified missions.

A new playable character named Joy will be a timed exclusive on Switch. We've never really heard anything of a sequel despite it's interesting battle mechanics and intriguing story, but Square Enix are giving it another go on the Switch this year.

Mario Tennis Aces smashes onto Nintendo Switch sometime this Spring.

Final Remix is bringing updated visuals, brand-new story chapters and a new control scheme to fit the modern console.

The previously announced Switch version of PAYDAY 2 will include a new character named Joy, and will release on February 27. It will offer touch screen controls as well as the Joy Con. However, the game's release date isn't the only thing Nintendo revealed in the Kirby-centric portion of the presentation. Look for it later this Spring.

It's a ladies-only affair with SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy. They were nearly always faster and more agile - and universally less ridiculous looking. Sounds ideal. Can't wait?

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