Published: Mon, January 22, 2018
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Eric Trump defends president over racism: 'My father sees one color: green'

Eric Trump defends president over racism: 'My father sees one color: green'

Durbin was not in the 2013 White House meeting. His own Homeland Security secretary, while not recalling Trump's specific comment, confirmed Tuesday that profanity was plentiful in the meeting. Since then, there's been extensive back-and-forth from the White House and other meeting attendees about what, exactly, the president said, which remains in dispute.

There is internal debate in the West Wing over whether Trump said "shithole" or "shithouse".

"Negotiating with Mr Trump is like negotiating with Jell-O", said Mr Schumer, who met Mr Trump at the White House on Friday for a 90-minute meeting that had briefly raised hopes. "They won't give him any credit for that and by the way he campaigned on that", he said.

"It's insane", Eric Trump said of the questions surrounding his father's mental condition.

White House officials tried to offer clarity on the two-hour period Thursday morning that saw Trump move from requesting a briefing on a potential immigration breakthrough to graphically rejection the agreement reached by Graham and Democratic Sen.

Vulgarity used by president projected onto Trump Hotel in DC
Robin Bell , an artist and filmmaker, seemed to take credit for the projection on his Twitter feed. Trump has since denied using the word , though he admitted his language was "tough".

UK Now Has A Minister For Loneliness
The new ministerial role was suggested by the Jo Cox commission, a body set up to continue the Labour MP's work. Dr Jamieson said loneliness was hard to address, but on a government level it involved housing and transport.

President Trump has common form of heart disease
Jackson recommended that Trump, who weighs 239 pounds, lose 10-15 pounds through a combination of a healthier diet and exercise. Obama worked to lower his levels via diet and exercise, while Trump takes a daily medication.

US President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers took a tough stance on Saturday after Congress failed to fund federal agencies, saying they would not negotiate on immigration until Democrats help end the government shutdown.

That comment, which came during a meeting with Congressional leaders about immigration, prompted the New York Times to publish a "definitive" list of "Donald Trump's racism". "I get more exercise than people think". "It's fair to say the president reacted strongly to that".

Left to its own devices, the State Department came up with its own talking points to be used by US missions in Africa working to stem the damage, said a USA official, who wasn't authorized to disclose internal deliberations and demanded anonymity.

A closer look at opinions on different groups of immigrants to the USA shows little public concern over an influx of people from some of the countries Trump reportedly maligned, although Trump voters were roughly twice as likely to say Africa sends too many immigrants than to say the same about Europe. Avoid confirming or denying what the president might have said, referring to it instead as an "alleged comment".

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