Published: Thu, January 25, 2018
Research | By Francis Brooks

Arrangement for viewing Super Blue Blood Moon

Arrangement for viewing Super Blue Blood Moon

Being a supermoon, the January 31 full moon will be about 14 per cent brighter than usual. The short-term changes during the eclipse, observed through thermal cameras, will allow researchers to gather information about the behavior of the very top layer of lunar regolith.

While the entire USA will get a partial view of the moon that day, NASA researchers say sky watchers in Alaska, California, and Hawaii will get the best look at the Super Blue Blood Moon.

Blue moons occur about once every 2.7 years, according to, so they aren't almost as rare as one might think.

Starting Anew - According to Refinery 29, those of Wiccan faith consider any blood moon which occurs in October to be "a compelling time to build, to begin, to create" and also a good time to shed old habits. Hence the name Super Blue Blood moon.

For the first time in more than 150 years, a blue moon and supermoon will coincide with a total lunar eclipse.

Not just lunar eclipse, this January 31, blue moon and supermoon will also treat skygazers. At 4:51 a.m., the lighter part of Earth's shadow will touch the moon.

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Lunar eclipses can only happen during a full moon, when the sun fully illuminates the surface. "Set your alert early and go out and investigate".

However this will sadly not be visible from the United Kingdom because the eclipse will occur over the Eastern Hemisphere. At the peak of daytime on the moon, it is about 100 degrees Celsius, hot enough to boil water just by leaving it out.

The eclipse will be harder to see in the lightening predawn sky, and the moon will set after 7 the Sun rises, according to NASA. The lunar obscuration will start around 4:51 a.m. CST, when the moon is higher in the sky. Cameras in Australia and the western US will follow the lunar eclipse from 6:30 a.m. ET January 31. This is how National Geographic explains it: "Earth's dark shadow will slowly creep over the bright lunar disk as the planet moves between the sun and the moon".

Blue moon is called a full moon, which happens at an unusual time, or an extra full moon within the year.

You can check when the lunar eclipse begins for your city here. A lunar eclipse is one of the easiest astronomical events to experience as you need only your eyes to enjoy it.

The partial phase will end at 11:12 p.m. and the penumbral eclipse will end at 0:10 a.m. February 1.

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