Published: Fri, December 15, 2017
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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Available Now on Xbox One... But

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Available Now on Xbox One... But

However, the game's arrival to the Xbox One is a big deal because it might be what the console needs to better challenge industry leader PlayStation 4 and the now dominant Nintendo Switch. It's especially obvious to those who might have watched or played the game on PC and experienced it at over 100 FPS.

After months of anticipation and watching the game from afar, Xbox One players can finally get their hands on PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds starting today. The buttons of the Xbox One controller perform different actions depending on the context of the situation.

Gamers excited for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' arrival on Xbox now have an idea of what to expect from the adaptation's controls. To open a door, you tap X which means if you are standing near a door and try to reload, you are rolling the dice if you get more ammo or if the door is going to open.

Each of my gunfights also played out far differently on console, with players delicately strafing around one another over a matter of minutes rather than the usual seconds.

What do you you think of the new female character in PUBG's new test server?

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At the very least we hope future updates fix the game's erratic framerate, which frequently drops during more hectic moments, but what the game nearly needs more is the gameplay tweaks that will allow it to feel at home on the Xbox One. Pressing B will allow you to crouch but holding B will make your character lie prone to the ground. It's been released as part of "Xbox Game Preview", an initiative that emulates the Early Access model that's grown so popular on PC.

I really hope the game manages to find its feet, because there's a lot of potential here.

PUBG is in the Xbox Game Preview program and is now available to purchase on Xbox Live for $29.99.

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