Published: Sun, December 10, 2017
Worldwide | By Sean Reid

Firefighters spend hour freeing YouTube prankster who cemented head in microwave

Firefighters spend hour freeing YouTube prankster who cemented head in microwave

Summary: An England-based YouTube prankster took his prank too far when he tried to make a mold of his head inside a microwave oven with cement.

The unnamed practical jokester was making videos with some friends in Wolverhampton, UK, when he came up with the supremely idiotic idea to put his entire noggin' into a microwave and proceed to fill it up with liquid cement. The firefighters prioritized removing a chunk near his face in order for him to breathe more easily.

Jay Swingler, a British YouTuber from the channel "TGFbro", made a decision to cement a microwave to his head for his "Extreme Christmas Challenge" which nearly killed him, according to BusinessInsider. Dakin added, "As amusing as this sounds, this young man could quite easily have suffocated or have been seriously injured. But we had to be extremely careful with the screwdriver, working so closely to his head".

A YouTube prank went horrifically wrong when emergency crews had to rescue a man who had "cemented" his head inside a microwave. After an hour and a half, co-star Romell Henry was forced to call firefighters for help.

"This is as serious as it can get on this channel", Swingler said says in the video.

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The West Midlands Fire Service were upset and criticized the 22-year-old for his actions.

It took the firefighters almost an hour to free him.

And even though the group apologised, the fire service said that it was a call that "might have prevented them from helping others in genuine, accidental need".

After he was freed, Swingler said on the video, "I never appreciated life so much, ever".

People on Twitter were also unimpressed, with one person commenting, "I hope you are billing him for the time wasted".

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