Published: Fri, December 08, 2017
Research | By Francis Brooks

Amazon Prime Video In Action On The Apple TV

Amazon Prime Video In Action On The Apple TV

Amazon Prime Video will be available as an app on Apple TV starting tomorrow, December 8, Amazon announced today.

Amazon announced earlier that their Prime Video app is now available in more than 100 countries around the word.

Apple's move comes a day after rival Google yanked its YouTube network (effective January 1) from Amazon's FireTV platform in what it says was retaliation for the e-tailer not stocking some Google-branded products.

The newly-launched app should appear in the Apple TV App Store, but if not, you can try updating the Amazon Prime Video app on your iPhone or iPad, post which it should install automatically on your Apple TV.

A tit-for-tat move, as Amazon refuses to sell many of Google's products that compete with its own products on its retail website.

Streaming devices allow users to stream videos from platform such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and Amazon Prime on its TV.

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Tech firms have their own way of engaging in a fight.

"Echo Show and Fire TV now display a standard web view of and point customers directly to YouTube's existing website", Amazon said in the statement.

Amazon Prime Video app was made available on Apple's streaming player a day after Google's announcement of pulling out YouTube from Fire TV and Amazon Echo Show.

There is no obligation for Amazon to carry products of any kind, and the company has exercised its editorial decision over its selection and products before. On those devices, Google's YouTube and Play services often get prominent billing in search results, but at least you can get Amazon video. This is accessed via the Movies, TV and Music apps on the Apple TV 4K's homepage.

- Watch on your Apple TV directly by downloading the separate tvOS app (requires Apple TV 3rd generation or later). The controller gives you a headphone jack for private listening and hands-free queries with Google Assistant. First of all, although we are not investment analysts by any means, it makes for interesting viewing to look at the comparative five-year market summaries for Amazon vs. Google. Now they are not available direct from Amazon, although earlier this year the company did briefly list the latest version of the device for sale on its United States site (but it has since been removed). They want the content all in one place.

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