Published: Tue, November 28, 2017
Industry | By Faith Ward

Swiper No Swiping! New Gadget Poised to Cure Smartphone Addiction

Swiper No Swiping! New Gadget Poised to Cure Smartphone Addiction

The Substitute Phone lineup has five designs, all of which were made specifically to replicate numerous actions that people perform on their smartphone, The Verge reports. The Substitute Phone can help you get rid of this addiction.

These 'Substitute Phones' are supposed to be therapeutic, allowing smartphone addicts to go through the same calming motions they perform on their electronic handsets "to cope with withdrawal symptoms".

Schillinger, a Vienna-based designer, has created some phone-sized objects that are meant to help wean users off their real devices.

Do you grab your smartphone and mindlessly start scrolling more often than you'd like?

"The touchscreen smartphone has made it possible to "escape" into social media", Schillinger told the publication. He said that users are constantly occupied with their smart devices even when they are not attending calls or messaging, they play with it.

When researching his project, Schillinger was inspired by a documentary featuring the Italian writer and philosopher Umberto Eco - who was trying to give up smoking by substituting his pipe with a wooden stick. Instead, they have rows of marble-like beads that simulate the feel of swiping, zooming, and tapping on actual smartphones.

Image Klemens Schillinger
Image Klemens Schillinger

The heavy, high-quality plastic of the prototype-along with its stone beads helps users rid themselves of this unwarranted "checking" habit.

Klemens Schillinger has created the "Substitute Phone", a sort of stress ball crossed with an abacus that will relieve the tension of those no-phone situations. "I remembered this and thought to make phones that would provide the physical stimulation but not the connectivity".

The first was the Offline Lamp, which only lights up if you put your smartphone away.

The simulated smartphone is not yet available to the public; Schillinger's online shop is "coming soon".

The Substitute Phone is made out of a solid plastic slab that resembles the shape, dimensions, and weight of a standard smartphone.

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