Published: Wed, October 04, 2017
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Pam Bondi really doesn't want OJ Simpson to serve parole in Florida

Pam Bondi really doesn't want OJ Simpson to serve parole in Florida

Though he may be free from incarceration, the former National Football League superstar still faces a massive civil settlement after being found liable in court for the 1994 slayings of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

Florida's Corrections Department "has not received any transfer paperwork from Nevada" about Simpson that would be required for him to live in that state and be monitored there, spokeswoman Ashley Cook said Sunday.

And less than five hours following Simpson's release, the former American icon was recognized at a gas station outside Las Vegas, and from the looks of it, he wasn't too happy about it, the New York Post notes.

Simpson was offered the chance to make a statement and he chose to apologize. She said that people started claiming that they work for the media but do not have any proof or other resemblance that associates them with big news agencies.

"I have no problem if the Goldmans want to go out and do their publicity tours and promote their books and do everything, he said".

'It was a public safety concern.

So Simpson, who served nine years, wasn't transferred to the High Desert State Prison - about 45 minutes north of Las Vegas - as many parolees are, and where reporters were led to believe he would be set free.

Keast said there were no media present at the time he left.

"We needed to do this to ensure public safety and to avoid any possible incident", Keast added, speaking by telephone from Lovelock.

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Can an attorney general prevent someone from moving into their state if they have paid their price to society and have legally been released from prison and granted parole? Arruti declined for what he said were security and privacy reasons to disclose the exact location of the house. Simpson said while seated in the back of a white SUV in video shared by ESPN. He also had a debit card.

However, the Nevada Parole Board granted him his parole in July by serving prison a portion of his 33-year sentence through possessing good behavior and attending classes inside the jail.

Famously, he was acquitted of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goodman in 1995 in a legal case which made headlines around the world.

Simpson fell from grace when he was arrested in the slayings, after a famous "slow-speed" Ford Bronco chase on California freeways.

Simpson was found liable for the killings in a 1997 civil trial.

Simpson didn't help quash the speculation, authoring a controversial book in 2007 called "If I Did It". This time he will endure constraints unlike twenty-two years ago. "Of course he can sit there and retire, playing golf or eating his seafood and steak and listening to his iPhone - he can do that - but if he seeks to monetize his name, we're going to grab it".

Attorney David Cook, who represents the father of Ron Goldman, told CNN the $33.5 million Simpson was ordered to pay the victims' families had since ballooned to almost $70 million with interest. Sunday, Oct. 1, is the first day Simpson was eligible for release.

But the former football league running back was sent to prison in 2008 for his role in an armed robbery the previous year of two sports memorabilia dealers at a Las Vegas resort. "He will be highly visible, and I think it will be positive for the community". However, the Florida state attorney general, Pam Bondi, told the Florida Department of Corrections that he is not welcome there.

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