Published: Tue, September 26, 2017
Culture | By Henry Herrera

'Star Trek: Discovery' Draws 9.6 Million Viewers In Sunday Premiere

'Star Trek: Discovery' Draws 9.6 Million Viewers In Sunday Premiere

Over the years there have been seven Star Trek TV series.

As Deadline reported earlier, the premiere on CBS All Access drove a record number of single-day signups at CBS' digital streaming subscription service. Otherwise more than a million of us wouldn't happily pay for Netflix every month, even though all that content is available for free on the BitTorrent channel.

Moreover, Burnham's past ties directly into the heart of Trek lore: orphaned, she was raised on Vulcan by Sarek (James Frain), Mr. Spock's father, and thus exhibits a fondness for logic and computer-like mind, despite her rounded earlobes.

But so far Discovery has been called a "promising addition to the Trek canon" (by Variety), and "a rollicking piece of television" (by Radio Times).

The 15-episode season will be broken into two parts: the first eight episodes will air weekly on Mondays from 25 September until Monday 6 November.

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And yet, that sequence - shot in Jordan - looks wonderful, as does everything else in the show, be it the ships, costumes, sets, props, visual effects or even the new spin on an opening credits sequence.

Which brings us to the other reason why it's a big week in the Turner household; at 5pm this afternoon Star Trek: Discovery debuts on Netflix. Keep in mind, this is not the same as ranking the series as a whole. "Just as importantly, for everything questionable about the design, it still feels like 'Trek.'" He also said, "For the first time in ages, I'm looking forward to watching more new 'Star Trek.' It's a good feeling". Even actions that seem dumb and unmotivated make sense when you consider them in context of a character's life story - most notably when Michael becomes a mutineer: a textbook example of traumatic childhood memories overwhelming rational thought.

What would become "Star Trek: Discovery" was initially announced on November 2, 2015 with a premiere set for January 2017.

But there's stuff Discovery has going for it, too: Both Martin-Green and Jones are great, and while the pilot's twists and turns don't necessarily work, they signify a refreshing willingness to experiment and try new angles on an increasingly worn-out franchise.

In fact, T'Kuvma is one of the best things about these episodes, as we learn that his desire to fight the Federation comes from a wish to maintain the purity of the Klingon way. Discovery's opening episode, meanwhile, sees the Shenzou investigate a damaged Federation array only to come across a hidden Klingon vessel - though the end results there were slightly more violent...

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