Published: Sun, September 10, 2017
Worldwide | By Sean Reid

Florida Families Fly to CT to Take Shelter From Irma

Florida Families Fly to CT to Take Shelter From Irma

Delta Airlines is garnering praise for what might have been a bad disaster had things not gone to plan - the company flew a plane as scheduled from NY to Puerto Rico and back as Hurricane Irma encroached on the island. It, then, managed to land safely before the scheduled time with 173 passengers on board.

Flight 431 reportedly left New York's John F. Kennedy (JFK) airport at 8:12 a.m. before taking off 27 minutes later.

This Delta flight raced a hurricane and made it out apparently unscathed, an awesome feat thrilling for those with online flight trackers, and likely more nerve wracking for those with their seatbelts fastened, tray tables stowed and seats in the upright and locked position.

United added six flights out of Florida after it sold out, the according to the Associated Press, and CNBC reports that JetBlue has also increased the number of planes flying out of the hurricane's path.

It was a tumultuous night outside of San Juan, Puerto Rico, but JC Marquez and his family made it through. The jet, destined for JFK Airport in NY, offloaded and then took on passengers in 52 minutes.

Some Floridians are traveling to safer places to avoid Hurricane Irma including right here in Buffalo
Some Floridians are traveling to safer places to avoid Hurricane Irma including right here in Buffalo

People on the internet were able to follow the flight thanks to updates from Twitter accounts like Flightradar24 and aviation fans such as Jason Rabinowitz, who monitored it through online tracking services.

People in Puerto Rico know well the impact a Category 5 hurricane can have.

After the plane landed and took off 40 minutes later, Rabinowitz tweeted, "Now DL302 has to climb out of SJU, and they're doing so between the outer band of #Irma and the core of the storm". The airline credited its flight team and meteorology department for the successful flight, the Washington Post reported. There was only light rain at the time of landing. Delta flight DL431 stayed its course, heading right at the storm. Considering its winds were recorded to be at 185 miles per hour, many flights going to the same destination was canceled.

While it looked terrifying, Delta maintains their pilots had everything under control.

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