Published: Sat, August 12, 2017
Worldwide | By Sean Reid

UK Hikes Estimate of Pesticide Contaminated Eggs; No Public Health Risk Expected

UK Hikes Estimate of Pesticide Contaminated Eggs; No Public Health Risk Expected

JERSEY'S Co-op and SandpiperCI stores are not affected by the egg-contamination crisis which has hit food retailers across Europe.

Dutch investigators arrested two suspects on Thursday in connection with a probe into the discovery of fipronil insecticide in European eggs, prosecutors said.

In France, Agriculture Minister Stephane Travert said that tests on imported eggs contaminated with pesticide show no risk to public health.

Belgian investigators meanwhile identified 26 people or companies as suspects during the 11 raids by police and food safety agency officers, for offences including fraud and breaking European Union food laws.

The FSA said all products withdrawn in the United Kingdom were processed foods in which egg was one ingredient among many others, mostly used in sandwich fillings or other chilled foods.

Heather Hancock, FSA chairwoman, said it was not "something to worry about" and that any health impact was unlikely.

The contaminated eggs are a priori limited risks to the health of the consumer, since the doses of fipronil potentially ingested remain largely below the amounts considered harmful.

"Based on the available evidence there is no need for people to change the way they consume or cook eggs".

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The Korea Food and Drug Administration said Thursday it will analyze the products over the next three months and look for signs of contamination with the insecticide Fipronil.

Paris has said that more than 200 000 eggs contaminated with fipronil have been placed on the French market "since April".

However, 11 products containing egg - including sandwiches and salads - have been withdrawn from supermarkets.

But junior economic affairs minister Martijn van Dam and health minister Edith Schippers said in a letter to parliament that the tip concerned the use of the chemical as a disinfectant and that there was no reason to assume the chemical could end up in the eggs.

"This is just the latest of a number of food safety issues connected to eggs produced outside of the United Kingdom in recent years", Ian Jones, Vhairman of British Lion egg processors, told The Guardian.

The German supermarket giant Aldi was the first major supermarket to pull all its eggs from shelves in July. Eggs sold in its United Kingdom stores were British, Aldi said.

Earlier this week, Belgian agriculture minister Denis Ducarme accused the Dutch government of negligence for failing to act on an anonymous tip Dutch food safety watchdog NVWA had received about the presence of fipronil as early as November previous year. So far, no one has reported falling sick from the tainted eggs.

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