Published: Sun, August 20, 2017
Worldwide | By Sean Reid

Sen. Cory Booker to introduce Confederate statues bill

Sen. Cory Booker to introduce Confederate statues bill

But there's one prominent display of Confederate statuary that to an even greater extent represents unsuppressed rebel yells in the very heart of the Republic the Confederacy sought to destroy: the National Statuary Hall in the U.S. Capitol.

Congress didn't create any additional statues of African Americans until the Obama administration, when in 2009 another bust, this one of Sojourner Truth, was placed in Emancipation Hall of the Capitol Visitor's Center.

Pelosi released a statement Thursday urging House Speaker Paul Ryan "to join Democrats to remove the Confederate statues from the Capitol immediately".

Many people who do not identify as white supremacists support keeping the monuments as a connection to their history and heritage. "We have much work to do".

Now, the violence and mayhem surrounding the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, Va., has given a renewed sense of urgency to taking down Smith's statue. The 10 that depict Confederate figures hail from nine states: Georgia, Florida, Alabama, West Virginia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Both lawmakers noted in the statement announcing their legislation that there are more than 100 public schools and military bases named after Confederate leaders, in addition to the hundreds of monuments and statues. Each state contributes two statues, chosen by their state governments, according to the architect of the Capitol.

"Nancy Pelosi has been walking through those halls of the Capitol for 30 years, and, all of a sudden, she wants to see these statues removed", said Rush Limbaugh. "After they get done removing statues to Confederate generals because, arguably, they fought to preserve the institution of slavery, they are going right after slave owners, including the founders - Jefferson, Madison, Washington - and when you undermine the founding fathers, you undermine the founding documents, namely the Constitution of the United States".

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Essentially, governance over which statues reside in our nation's Capitol rests with individual state leadership.

Sen. Mark Warner, a Virginia Democrat, told a local radio station that what statues are included in the Capitol should face more discussion but did not endorse a plan that removes Confederate statues.

It's not just in Texas' cities that the debate over Confederate monuments is heating up.

In 1931, MS sent statues of Confederate general James Z. George - who signed the 1861 secession ordinance, and later in his career helped devise and defend a state constitution disenfranchising African-Americans - and the arch-traitor himself, Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

The Democrats rejected President Donald Trump's criticism of the removal of "beautiful" Confederate statues.

The president doubled down on that rhetoric Thursday morning, speaking out against efforts to take down symbols of the Confederacy.

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