Published: Fri, August 18, 2017
Industry | By Faith Ward

Mewtwo arriving in Pokemon GO soon via Exclusive Raid feature

Mewtwo arriving in Pokemon GO soon via Exclusive Raid feature

While other Pokemon Go events, such as the gathering in Chicago, didn't go down as planned, which caused developer Niantic to delay some of its planned European meets, the one in Japan went smoothly. Exclusive Raid Battles are different to normal ones as you need to be invited to it first.

Now's the ideal time to get back into Pokemon GO if you've been on a break, so head on over to Google Play to grab it right now. It was via this raid mechanism that they later gave us Legendary Pokémon, but there were some noteworthy omissions.

This Pokemon Go Mewtwo Guide will help players take on this boss Pokemon and hopefully add him to their roster after a fun fight. However, Mewtwo will only be available through Exclusive #Raid Battles.

Currently MeoTwo is available in a raid battle exclusive to the Pokemon GO Stadium event in Yokohama, Japan. He is being featured in exclusive Raid Battles.

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The "trick" behind the OK Button Exploit is that if a player doesn't hit OK after catching a Raid Boss, that player's app won't confirm that they caught the Pokemon, thus increasing (or at least not decreasing) the likelihood that other players in a Raid Group catches the Pokemon.

But how does one get invited to such Raid?

Many players were expecting Ho-Oh to be the fifth Legendary Pokemon to appear, but players are probably more pleased now that the Legendary favorite from the original first generation can be found in the game. Basically, a player will get a successful catch if the RNG is within a certain range, which is expanded based on the number of bonuses a player has.

I've been playing Pokemon GO since before the beginning, and I've not paid a single cent to do it. Nonetheless, Niantic has extended the appearance of four Legendaries in the hopes of encouraging more players to set out and capture them.

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