Published: Wed, August 23, 2017
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John Cena Breaks Down in Tears After Surprise From Fans

John Cena Breaks Down in Tears After Surprise From Fans

In a video from Cricket Wireless, Cena was on set to read letters from fans he had helped over the years.

Next, all the fans of the thank you notes made themselves known and deliver their messages in person. It was a truly awesome moment.

In the handwritten cards, fans thank Cena for inspiring them to continue pushing through hard and dark times in their lives.

Finally, Cena was shown a video of Tyler Schweer, a young boy whose mother suffered from breast cancer. After receiving one of Cena's "Never Give Up" bracelets from the wrestler at a WWE event, Tyler gave the bracelet to his mother to wear during her chemo treatments.

On camera The WWE superstar believed he was making a promotional video for Cricket Wireless of himself reading thank you cards from people whose lives he has impacted through the years
John Cena Being Surprised By Fans He's Inspired Will Touch Your Heart

However, it was just getting started as the fans whose letters Cena just read continued to enter the room to share their appreciation of Cena with him.

The two are joined by Tyler's mom, who informs the star she's now cancer-free.

"How often does someone get to tell their hero about what they did for them?" said fan Raihan Ahmed. He gave it to his mom to help her through it, reminding her that Cena says you should "never give up". "I don't want you to ever think that you're the only one that goes up against it and don't think that you're the only one who has challenges to face every day". I never thought I'd be sitting in an airport sobbing at a Cricket Wireless commercial, but here we are.

"You're extremely strong, you know that?" "This is a great moment". And it's always good to remember the broader reach of pro wrestling, and how stuff that seems corny to us sometimes can really make a difference, and literally save lives. "And it's a reaffirming message of be mindful that your actions affect those close to you".

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