Published: Wed, August 16, 2017
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Game of Thrones Winners and Losers: Eastwatch

Game of Thrones Winners and Losers: Eastwatch

More importantly - what's the difference between warging and what the Night King does to the dead?

I recently rewatched an episode of The Office in which Kelly Kapoor tells Ryan she's pregs to get him to take her out for dinner, so forgive me for my initial skepticism-a "pregnancy" would be the flawless way to keep Jaime in her corner, particularly since he's a little more reluctant to keep the war going with the Mother of Dragons having watched his entire army be essentially nuked with Drogon-fire. Sansa's pain as a woman has advanced the plot and the development of others and given her deeper insight into Cersei's motivation and the ability to manipulate creeps like Littlefinger.

"Don't go killing off Gendry now" one viewer begged.

And all the time we thought Sam would be the one to dig up the earth shattering information in the Citadel!

We love Jon for his honour and his bravery, but this whole fight beyond the wall seems a bit mental.

The 6th episode follows the events of Eastwatch where Jon Snow is leading a group of courageous men beyond The Wall to bring home proof of the White Walkers and the Night King's existence.

But what if-wait for it-Cersei's unborn child is whom the prophecy is referring? We get it Thrones, so please dial this tendency back a little. His plot is over, and it would seem a fitting end to the man with the flaming sword. Perhaps he'll go doing exactly that.

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Cersei continues to be motivated by her pain as a mother and lover. After all, what would be a more fitting finale for the show, than to see the pair separated by their similar goals, before ending up married, ruling on the Iron Throne together by the end of season eight?

From bastard, to Lord Commander, to King in the North, to. Note that he actually made Jon smile when they first met, and there was a lot of talk about how their fathers were allies (although Jon Snow isn't actually Ned Stark's son, the belief is there at this point). It's become easy to overlook just how fantastic the creation of the dragons is, but prior to Dickon and Randall's execution there's a lovely little flick of the tail, and when Jon approaches the one Daenerys is flying on and the others wheel in the sky above them, the detail of these beasts are what helps bring this show so believably to life.

Then, there was Gilly's revelation about Rhaegar Targaryen or as she put it, "Reggar". Let's hope that we get more than renewed sibling rivalry and more training montages. We can't imagine Dany will be a fan. That, of course, came in the form of Evil Dad Tarly and hot Dickon "Zaddy 2" Tarly, which was extremely fucked up because we just became accustomed to the idea of seeing him naked. (Spoilers for Season 7 follow.) With Jon Snow headed past the Wall to capture a White Walker with his gang of badasses, you might be feeling the chill regardless of the real weather outside.

Plus, you know, Gendry's good looking and less broody than Jon Snow can be.

Some fans were sceptical of her news with one tweeting: "For the record, I think Cersei lied about being pregnant and knowing about the meeting with Tyrion just to get Jaime back".

Gendry's definitely been missed, and his return was certainly worth the wait.

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