Published: Wed, August 02, 2017
Culture | By Henry Herrera

Candidate in Venezuela shot dead before election

Candidate in Venezuela shot dead before election

Venezuela's chief prosecutor's office reported 10 deaths in new rounds of clashes Sunday between protesters and police.

Two other men were killed in protests as demonstrators blocked roads in the Caracas, the capital, in defiance of a ban on demonstrations, the Venezuelan newspaper El Universal reported.

The move came after Sunday's vote creating a new legislative superbody with the power to dissolve state institutions such as the opposition-run Congress. Countries around the world denounced the vote while Washington called it a "sham".

"A group of people broke into the residence of the victim located in the sector Brisas del Sur Tres and shot several shots", the ministry said on Twitter.

Maduro says a new constitution is the only way to end such conflicts. Lopez in particular has become the global face of Venezuela's opposition, which is calling for early elections to replace Maduro amid a brutal economic crisis that has food and medicines running short.

Maduro said Monday evening he had no intention of deviating from his plans to rewrite the constitution and go after a string of enemies, from independent Venezuelan news channels to gunmen he claimed were sent by neighbouring Colombia to disrupt the vote as part of an global conspiracy led by the man he calls "Emperor Donald Trump". "I personally expected more forceful actions from opposition leaders". Maduro has threatened that one of the constitutional assembly's first acts would be jailing Guevara for inciting violence.

The constituent assembly itself has come under fire because it was created to rewrite the constitution and possibly supplant the opposition-led congress, whose members were elected in a conventional election in December 2015. "Here are your sanctions at himself, Donald trump!"

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An exit poll based on surveys from 110 voting centres by NY investment bank Torino Capital and a Venezuela public opinion company estimated 3.6 million people voted, or about 18.5 per cent of registered voters.

Nations including Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Spain, Britain and the United States said they would not recognise Sunday's vote.

A banner that reads "Maduro, this is not Cuba!"

The opposition organized an unofficial referendum over Maduro's plan earlier in July, when more than 7 million voters overwhelmingly rejected his constituent assembly and voted in favour of early presidential elections. The assembly, which has 545 members, will convene for an August 2 meeting in the same building where the country's National Assembly controlled by the opposition who is strongly opposed to the constitutional convention works.

Maduro made clear in a televised address Saturday that he intends to use the assembly not just to rewrite the country's charter but to govern without limitation.

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