Published: Sat, July 29, 2017
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R Street Institute applauds new FDA comprehensive tobacco and nicotine announcement

R Street Institute applauds new FDA comprehensive tobacco and nicotine announcement

USA health officials said Friday they are considering new standards that would require tobacco companies to reduce nicotine in cigarettes to nonaddictive levels, as part of a sweeping review of industry regulations.

"The staggering measure of death and illness inferable from tobacco is caused by dependence on cigarettes -", FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said in an announcement declaring the move.

The policy announced on Friday has a goal of cutting back on nicotine levels in order to discourage addiction and lower the number of USA smokers. The FDA has had the power since 2009 to regulate nicotine levels but hasn't done so.

US smoking rates have been falling for decades.

Finally, the FDA proposes to cut to cigarette nicotine with the objective of anticipating a great many tobacco-related passing's a year.

Cigarettes may be on the road to having less nicotine in order to make them less addictive.

The FDA's shift comes as the agency considers whether to approve new marketing claims for new heat-not-burn devices, smokeless tobacco and other products.

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Among those measures are further development of new tobacco products that are less risky than cigarettes, as will as considering whether or not it is wise to have menthol and other flavored tobacco products.

The agency says the new plan isn't meant to simply snuff out a multi-billion dollar industry, but rather to encourage companies to develop innovative products that prove to be less risky than cigarettes.

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids president Matthew Myers praised the overall approach as "a bold and comprehensive vision" but called the e-cigarettes delay "a serious error". In August 2016, the FDA started exercising authority over electronic cigarettes, declaring it illegal for the products to be marketed to minors. Altria also makes e-cigarettes.

Altria, the parent of Philip Morris USA, responded to the talk of targeting nicotine by saying in a statement that new rules must be "based on science and evidence, must not lead to unintended consequences and must be technically achievable".

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