Published: Mon, July 31, 2017
Worldwide | By Sean Reid

Homeland Security Secretary Says Ports A Terrorism Priority

Homeland Security Secretary Says Ports A Terrorism Priority

A restriction put in place earlier this year previously barred laptops, tablets, cameras, and portable game consoles from the cabins of certain USA -bound global flights, following reports that terrorist organizations were eyeing methods for concealing explosives in large electronics.

The United States has ended the ban on large electronics in the cabins of airlines that it announced in March.

Hundreds of foreign airports and U.S. and overseas airlines have made security enhancements necessary for passengers traveling direct to the carry laptops into the cabin, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security said Thursday.

A US intelligence official tells CBS News senior investigative producer Pat Milton that the ban was prompted by strong, credible intelligence about a possible plot to use explosives hidden in a laptop to try to bring down a commercial airliner.

Kelly said he believes the current security levels at US shipping ports is adequate, but his agency must continue to research new technology to keep up with changing threats.

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Kelly said at a security conference that the TSA had tested two similar explosive devices concealed in large electronic devices.

"To say the least, it destroyed the plane", he said, according to The Daily Beast.

The threat has eased somewhat, the intelligence official said, in part due to the implementation of enhanced security measures.

And Kelly says every single airport, including the 10 in the Middle East and North Africa subjected to the initial laptop ban, now meet those initial requirements to enhance security across the board.

SCHAPER: So the Department of Homeland Security now requires airports around the world that are the final points of departure for flights coming into the enhance security screening protocols and upgrade bomb detection equipment.

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