Published: Mon, July 17, 2017
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Donald Trump hits out at poll showing his approval rating has plummeted

Donald Trump hits out at poll showing his approval rating has plummeted

His disapproval rate, meanwhile, is on the upswing, rising five points to 58 percent, with 48 percent saying they "disapprove strongly" of the president's performance, a level, The Washington Post says, that was never reached by former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, but was achieved in George W. Bush's second term.

36% of Americans approve of President Trump's performance thus far, but that is still a decline of 6 points from the 100-day-mark survey.

Two in 3 Americans (66 percent) say they do not trust Trump to negotiate with world leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, on the country's behalf.

The only other president whose approval ratings were as poor six months into his tenure was Gerald Ford, whose approval ratings stood at 39 percent in February 1975.

Besides, it also showed that 48 percent of the respondents see the USA leadership in the world as weaker since Trump's inauguration, with only 27 percent believing it to be stronger.

Amid a seemingly endless stream of stories set in small-town restaurants wherein President Trump's hard-core supporters explain they don't care about his collusion with Russian Federation, a major new poll underlines a hard truth: He is still really unpopular.

The president's job approval rating looks quite different in the counties that propelled him to victory past year, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

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But GOSH said its doctors believed the treatment would be "futile " and could prolong the boy's suffering. The parents have been backed by Pope Francis and President Donald Trump in their quest to seek treatment.

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The President's strongest assets continue to be the healthy economy and a view among many Americans that the Democrats do not have a coherent message or program in opposition, other than opposition to the President.

A fresh Washington Post-ABC News poll underscores the softness of Trump's support as he prepares to mark six months in the White House on Thursday. Also, 55 percent said that he is not making significant progress toward his goals. What exactly are people thinking when they say they approve or disapprove of the way a president is handling his job? Trump is now in the middle of the Republican base average, so if he drops, it will signal to Congressional Republicans that his president has lost his grip on his party's base, and they are free to break with him.

Mr Trump's healthcare plans were also unpopular, with less than a quarter of those surveyed preferring the Republican bill to existing laws.

The report also found Trump's approval rating had fallen by six points in the last three months.

Pollsters surveyed 1,001 Americans by phone from July 10-13.

Trump beat Hillary Clinton in these "surge" areas nationwide by a combined 65 percent-to-29 percent margin in 2016.

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