Published: Thu, July 20, 2017
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Charlie Gard is given USA citizenship by congress

Charlie Gard is given USA citizenship by congress

A US doctor flew into the U.K. Monday alongside other medical experts to examine Charlie Gard and determine Gard's chances of improvement with treatment.

CNN reports that on Tuesday, the House Committee on Appropriations voted unanimously on an amendment to give the family permanent residency in the U.S., though it will still need to be voted on by the full House and Senate to pass.

Gard and his family have been at the center of an worldwide debate over whether governments can make life and death decisions for individuals.

Sick Charlie Gard and his parents Connie and Chris who are fighting to have him taken to the United States for treatmentWhat is mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome?

Court proceedings have been running for months after GOSH applied to withdraw treatment and allow Charlie to "die with dignity".

This comes ahead of further court hearings expected at the end of this week, and a ruling on Charlie's future care next week.

Gard has mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, a rare disease caused by a genetic mutation.

Dr. Michio Hirano, a neurologist at Columbia University Medical Center in NY who specializes in myopathies and other neuromuscular diseases, has developed an experimental therapy that has been used on at least one American patient.

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Last night his mother Connie Yates revealed Charlie was set to undergo more tests.

Hirano's visit was organized during a court hearing last week after he testified the treatment was worth a try. He was unaccompanied by a second unidentified doctor, who also has been allowed to examine the infant. "We are not bad parents, we are there for him all the time, we are completely devoted to him and he's not in pain and suffering, and I promise everyone I would not sit there and watch my son in pain and suffering, I couldn't do it". The attorney for the parents, Grant Armstrong, says "the evidence "renders unsafe" the court's previous finding of futility with respect to Charlie's improvement chances".

Yates has said she has seven experts who have claimed up to a 10 percent chance that Charlie would benefit from treatment.

Hirano traveled to London to examine Charlie and meet with his doctors and other members of the medical team on Monday and Tuesday.

Dr. Michio Hirano, a neuroscientist at the Columbia University Medical Center and a leading expert on Charlie's condition, has been tested on a limited number of patients and none with Charlie's type of disease, according to the BBC. "They love him in a way an institution - a hospital and government - cannot", said Dannenfelser.

Any legal eagles on the other side of the pond know the consequences of Gard and his parents being granted LPR status here vis-a-vis the family's right to take him to the USA for treatment?

Great Ormond Street Hospital specialists say that treatment will not work, and the little boy's life support should be turned off.

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