Published: Sat, July 22, 2017
Markets | By Terence Owen

Amazon to integrate Alexa into its Android app starting this week

Amazon to integrate Alexa into its Android app starting this week

It remains a question why Amazon chose to integrate Alexa into its mobile shopping app, especially if the standalone Alexa app already exists, but we're not complaining. This week, Android phone owners can finally get a glimpse of the "most skilled" artificial intelligence-powered assistant right through the Amazon app.

So, once the feature is live on all the Android handsets, users can ask Alexa about anything as they normally would while using it on Echo devices.

The Echo, which is powered by Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, allows users to search for information on almost anything, in addition to ordering goods through Amazon.

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Amazon is set to roll out Alexa to its main shopping app on Android, after introducing the AI virtual assistant to the iOS version of the app earlier this year. The voice assistant is now discoverable on the Amazon app but has not been enabled yet. In the Alexa app, the users got a notification alerting them of a new Alexa device being added to their accounts, which turned out to be the Amazon mobile app. The Californian firm was also reportedly negotiating with Google and IBM before agreeing to sell itself to Amazon, people familiar with the negotiations said.

It makes sense, though: the app already has some form of voice control in place, so it seems Amazon just took all that and made it part of the Alexa ecosystem, which, coupled with bringing Alexa to Android, helps it hit two birds with one stone.

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