Published: Mon, June 12, 2017
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Woman Accused of Using Suicidal Boyfriend as 'a Pawn' in Manslaughter Trial

Woman Accused of Using Suicidal Boyfriend as 'a Pawn' in Manslaughter Trial

Michelle Carter, 20, is charged with involuntary manslaughter for sending text messages that allegedly led to the death of Conrad Roy III. Roy used a generator and a water pump to force carbon monoxide into his truck as he sat in a Fairhaven Kmart parking lot, according to authorities.

Investigators soon discovered a series of text messages - eventually more than 1,000, according to prosecutors - sent in the week prior to Roy's death that were between him and Carter, who said she was his girlfriend.

Even as Carter sent those messages to Roy, she was texting the friends who testified Wednesday that she was anxious about him and was confused about why he had purchased a generator.

Prosecutors said Mosolgo and Eblan received similar texts from Carter after Roy died, saying she "heard him die", and that text messages between Mosolgo and Carter show Carter felt like she didn't have friends at school.

During testimony Tuesday, Roy's mother, Lynn Roy, said her son overdosed on an over-the-counter pain prescription in 2012 and was hospitalized.

Carter has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and let go of the right to a jury trial. "His family will hate me and I could go to jail", she texted.

Mr Roy had been on a path to suicide "for years", he said.

After he exited the truck, Carter told him to "get back in", Ms Flynn said at the trial in juvenile court in Taunton, Massachusetts.

Judge Moniz heard several motions in court Monday from both sides over what's fair game in the trial.

"Michelle Carter was 30 miles away [at the time of the suicide]", Cataldo said.

"You can't break a promise", Carter wrote in response after a couple texts. "You're finally going to be happy in heaven", one of the texts read.

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Reading text after text, Flynn portrayed Carter as coaxing, badgering, berating and mocking the troubled teenage boy into suicide.

"If they read my messages with him, I'm done", Carter texted Boardman.

The prosecutors in the controversial case of Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy seem to believe a person could be convicted for such a crime.

After Roy's death, Carter posted grieving messages on social media and initiated a campaign to raise money for mental health awareness, ABC News reported. And can a person be found guilty of killing someone based exclusively on what she said in text messages? "So she has to make it happen - she has to make him kill himself so that she's not seen as a liar".

Carter's defense, however, argued that she tried to talk Roy into getting help-but they say she got wrapped up in his plan, and that he would have committed suicide regardless. "Just do it, babe", Carter wrote.

"This is a suicide case", he said, "not a not a homicide".

The couple met in Florida in 2012 and lived 35 miles apart in MA, but had only met in person a handful of times and went to different high schools.

After Roy's death, Flynn argued, Carter gained the attention she craved by holding a fundraiser and becoming a self-appointed advocate against suicide.

Prosecutors will allege Carter drove her 18-year-old boyfriend to his death in order to 'attract sympathy'.

The mother of a MA teenager who took his own life after allegedly being encouraged to do so through text messages from his girlfriend says she saw no signs he meant to harm himself.

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