Published: Mon, June 05, 2017
Worldwide | By Sean Reid

Venezuela opposition accuses Goldman Sachs of financing dictatorship

Venezuela opposition accuses Goldman Sachs of financing dictatorship

The letter stated that Borges was dismayed by the decision of Goldman Sachs to purchase the bonds given the nature of the Maduro administration, an unwillingness to carry out democratic elections and systematically violating human rights.

A draft declaration submitted by Peru, Canada, the United States, Mexico and Panama called for, among other actions, "a halt to the convocation of a national Constituent Assembly as presently conceived", aimed at condemning the process to rewrite the Venezuelan Constitution that Maduro announced earlier this month.

Goldman, which confirmed the bond purchase Monday night, made the deal despite efforts of the Venezuelan opposition to prevent Western banks from doing transactions that benefit the Maduro regime.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc's buying of these bonds comes as the socialists economy of Venezuela starts to fall apart.

Venezuelan opposition politician Jose Guerra said Maduro's "government has made a predatory business for the country: gave $2.8 billion in bonds for just $865 million in cash".

Almost 30 protesters, including Esther Beke - a visiting instructor at Pratt Institute - stood outside of Goldman Sachs with signs that showcased their displeasure with the bank and President Maduro, Tuesday.

The central bank in Venezuela did not sell the bonds directly to Goldman as the bonds were sold by an intermediary, said an industry source.

Opposition led National Assembly leader accused Goldman Sachs of supporting the "dictatorship" of President Maduro.

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Julio Borges, the opposition lawmaker wrote a letter to the chief executive of Goldman Sachs mentioning "quick buck off the suffering of the Venezuelan people".

It affirmed that the government of the South American nation can not use growing aggression as a justification for denying unrestricted guarantees of the human rights of all people.

In New York Wednesday, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez said Maduro's opponents should feel "deeply frustrated" that the US -led plan to intervene in Venezuela's crisis had failed.

The communique also condemned attacks against Venezuelan state officials overseas, as well as against social and political leaders "that support peace and dialogue in Venezuela".

Last month, on 24 April, in a resolution adopted by 450 votes to 35, with 100 abstentions, the EU Parliament strongly condemned the "brutal repression" exercised by the Venezuelan security forces, as well as irregular armed groups, against the peaceful protests, as a result of which more than 20 people have died and many wounded.

Goldman bought the bonds from another broker and says it didn't interact with the Venezuelan government. The country's current financial situation is due to low oil prices and the effects of years of economic mismanagement.

PDVSA is a state-operated oil company in Venezuela. Borges said Venezuelans sought "the opportunity granted by their own constitution to have free general elections", the AP reported.

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