Published: Thu, June 15, 2017
Worldwide | By Sean Reid

Iran blames U.S. for regional instability, creation of IS

Iran blames U.S. for regional instability, creation of IS

He added that while US President Donald Trump accuses Iran of supporting terrorists, "terrorism in this region has American roots".

The Supreme Leader alleges that Washington's fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) was a lie.

Simultaneously, the Saudi foreign minister tweeted, "Iran must be punished for its interference, support for terrorism in region".

"The fact IS claimed responsibility proves that they [Saudi Arabia] were involved in the brutal attack".

Speaking at a roundtable discussion on Iran-Pakistan relations organized by the Center for Iranian Studies in Ankara (IRAM), Karim said that Pakistan historically has strong ties with Saudi Arabia and has also been very close to Iran.

On Tuesday, Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif referred to those remarks by the Saudi officials and called them a "direct threat and very risky provocation" by Riyadh.

Ayatollah Khamenei also broached the subject of the US's increased saber-rattling and further sanctions following Iran's recent presidential election.

Trump says Comey not telling truth, willing to respond under oath
They sent a separate request to Trump's White House counsel, Don McGahn, for any record the White House had of their meetings. WILLIAM BRANGHAM: On the other side of the aisle, Democrats pounced on Comey's claims about the president.

London attackers planned to use lorry
The three terrorists had tied 12 inch (30cm) pink ceramic knives to their wrists and had petrol bombs in the van. At about 1730 GMT, the men drove to pick up the van before heading to Zaghba's home in east London .

Qatar Airways profits hit $540 million before Gulf crisis
Qatar is the world's largest exporter of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), and produces up to 77 million tonnes of gas each year. But when it comes to terrorism and the most extreme versions of Islam, Saudi Arabia has a far worse track record than Iran.

On Sunday, he denied press reports which had angered Gulf Arab states suggesting that hundreds of millions of dollars sent by Qatar to Baghdad for the freeing in April of a group of abducted Qatari royals had ended up in Iran.

In the wake of deadly terrorist bomb and gun attacks on the Iranian parliament and Ayatollah Khomeini's shrine in Teheran earlier this month, Trump ignited the fury of the Iranian authorities by implying that Iran's alleged sponsorship of terrorism had backfired in the form of the attack that killed at least 13 people and injured dozens more.

Iran's Revolutionary Guard quickly, but with deliberate vagueness, incriminated Saudi Arabia and the United States.

The US Congress has been a stronger opponent of the deal, however. "We are not intimidated by these moves". He said Iran would "definitely" react if a reaction was found warranted "based on the joint commission's discretion".

"I am confident that the review in the United States will bring [American statesmen] to wise decisions, which means keeping something that is working", she said, referring to the Trump administration's engagement in a review of whether to stick to the JCPOA or not.

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif left Oslo for Tehran late Tuesday after a two-day visit for taking part in Oslo Forum and holding talks with officials of a number of countries on the sidelines of the forum.

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