Published: Sat, May 20, 2017
Health Care | By Gwendolyn Kim

Skipping your beauty sleep may make you lose friends!

Skipping your beauty sleep may make you lose friends!

Compounding the idea of beauty sleep, new research shows that a couple nights' bad sleep is enough to make a person look "significantly" uglier.

According to researchers from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden and New York University in the U.S. said,"People seem to be able to tell when someone needs more sleep, and are more inclined to leave them alone in that case". A week later, they were asked to restrict themselves to only four hours sleep per night for two nights in a row.

Researchers took makeup-free photos of the participants after both sessions and asked 122 men and women to rate their attractiveness, sleepiness, health and trustworthiness. They also thought the exhausted subjects to be less attractive, less healthy and more sleepy compared to when they had enough sleep.

"An unhealthy-looking face, whether due to sleep deprivation or otherwise, might activate disease-avoiding mechanisms in others", said Axelsson.

"Findings show that acute sleep deprivation and looking exhausted are related to decreased attractiveness and health, as perceived by others", the study authors conclude.

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Sundelin and colleagues speculate that the effect of sleep deprivation on skin blood coloration may partly explain why poorly rested adults were rated less attractive and healthy.

The study published in the Royal Society journal Open Science is the third to connect poor sleep to a less attractive and less healthy appearance. The study also found that it makes people less keen to hang out with you. These are small tweaks, but they can help you nab more sleep and change how the world perceives you.

The team also found willingness to socialise with a sleepy-looking person was much lower than with someone who looked alert.

'We want our partners to be attractive and energetic.

"Telling someone they look exhausted says more about your perception of them than you might think", the authors wrote. So for now, try your best to avoid those lost hours of mind-numbing Instagram scrolling before bed-and get some damn beauty sleep. If you're struggling to get enough sleep, she recommends stopping work on your phone or computer an hour before bed, keeping your bedroom just for sleeping, and trying to have regular sleep hours.

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