Published: Tue, May 23, 2017
National | By Miranda Cannon

Sheriff David Clarke denies plagiarism, calls reporter a 'sleaze bag'

Sheriff David Clarke denies plagiarism, calls reporter a 'sleaze bag'

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who recently said he accepted a position in President Donald Trump's administration, allegedly plagiarized parts of his master's thesis while at the Naval Postgraduate School in California.

Clarke took to Twitter on Saturday before CNN had published its story, calling reporter Andrew Kaczynski a "hack" and a "sleaze bag". "I'm on to him folks", Clarke said.

CNN's report said in the thesis "Clarke lifts language from sources and credits them with a footnote, but does not indicate with quotation marks that he is taking the words verbatim".

CNN further reported that the sources Clarke plagiarized included various ACLU reports, the 9/11 Commission Report, the Pew Research Center, an article from The Washington Post and even George W. Bush's book, "Decision Points".

Clarke responded by telling the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that someone with a political agenda would make these accusations. But the thesis failed to use quotation marks where Clarke used passages verbatim, which breaches school guidelines, the network said.

A spokesperson for the Naval Postgraduate School told CNN that they would launch a plagiarism review in light of the news.

Stewart said the CNN reporter is "attacking" Clarke "with fake stories nitpicking words".

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The CNN report showed Clarke did not attribute text directly taken from a 2002 ACLU report about "The Government's Demand for New and Unnecessary Powers After September 11", a 2007 ACLU report on "fusion centers", a 2003 ACLU report critical of the FBI's records-collection practices, and a 2011 ACLU report on the need to maintain secrecy laws.

But the department says it did not make any announcement about his appointment.

Clarke campaigned for Trump during the 2016 election and has been one of his most prominent supporters since the election. And in March, the Associated Press reported that four people - including a newborn baby - died at the jail within a six-month period previous year.

Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy West, a critic of Sheriff Clarke, says she shook her head when she heard he would be moving to a federal agency.

In interviews and speeches in recent years, he has compared the Black Lives Matter protest movement to the Ku Klux Klan, and speculated that it will join forces with the Islamic State to overthrow the USA government and has said that anti-Trump protesters were "anarchists" who "must be quelled".

Critics have faulted Clarke for his management of a Milwaukee County jail where a mentally ill man died in 2016 of dehydration after seven days without water.

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