Published: Fri, May 12, 2017
Industry | By Faith Ward

Google search results will cure your boredom with a local events calendar

Google search results will cure your boredom with a local events calendar

Continuing with the same efforts, Google has now rolled out a new local events search feature on the Google app and mobile website, which will bring up a summary of activities from sites from across the Internet if you search for local events happening around you. For example, when you search for "concerts this weekend" you'll see a new Events tab at the top of your search results. Regardless of how you search for an event, you are able to purchase tickets and learn more about the event, all from the search result. The full view would also let you filter the dates for the event results. If you want to go the opposite route and have everything thrown at you, just search for "events near me" and you'll be shown all the different options.

We can see health results in Google Search thanks to an update past year, and now for anyone who is trying to find something to do around them, Google Search wants to help with that, too.

"Hear about an wonderful event but can't remember where to buy the tickets?"

As we mentioned, the websites Google is using as source for the events are Eventbrite, Meetup and more.

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The firm has also invited event creators to check out their developer guidelines in order to make sure people see their listings. Google will now display a structured list of local events with the most pertinent information so you can get a quick sense of what your options are.

But Google noted that it plans to add more to the list.

Internet giant Google has been improving its search experience to suit to its users, whether it's a feature to find fashion-related ideas on Image search or support for your Google Drive files.

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