Published: Thu, April 27, 2017
Markets | By Terence Owen

Yahoo!'s Marissa! will! eject! with! $186m!. $185m!. $184m!..

Yahoo!'s Marissa! will! eject! with! $186m!. $185m!. $184m!..

It is possible that the CEO of Yahoo Marissa Mayer could make about 186 Million dollars from the sale of the company to Verizon Communications.

The money she will receive includes the value of shares already owned, outstanding share options, a "golden parachute" payment, as well as cash payments and medical benefits. Another $84 million in stock options, Roe pointed out, have already vested, meaning Mayer has the ability to exercise them and they would not be accelerated, according to company filings released in March and back in 2015.

The outgoing CEO of Yahoo will get quite a payday when she steps aside. The purchase has already been hung up, and the price reduced, because of ongoing turmoil at Yahoo, including revelations past year of two data breaches.

The 2014 data breach prompted Yahoo and Verizon to renegotiate their original deal, which was struck in July.

Yet while there is little question Mayer's equity compensation at Yahoo has been hefty, particularly given her unsuccessful efforts to turn around the struggling Internet giant, characterizing the $186 million as special terms Mayer is getting as a result of the sale is not correct, said John Roe, head of ISS Analytics, part of influential proxy adviser Institutional Shareholder Services.

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Mayer's plan was initially to expand Yahoo's content business. All told, her time at Yahoo will have netted her well over $200 million, according to calculations based on company filings. This will no longer include the valuation of stock she has already sold or the bonus she chose to give up due to the massive cyber security breaches revealed earlier previous year.

Criticism of Mayer - who had previously risen from software engineer to product manager to vice president at Google - has been at times more harsh than she deserves, said analyst Joel Espelien of The Diffusion Group.

Analyst Kessler noted the dramatic upswing in Yahoo's stock price that occurred under Mayer.

Had the payout been based on performance, Mayer may not have walked away with as much. Although Yahoo's core businesses of email, news and search continued to tread water under Mayer's leadership, long-held investments in Alibaba, China's leading e-commerce company, and Yahoo Japan, an affiliated company controlled by SoftBank, increased in value, driving up Yahoo's stock price.

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