Published: Tue, April 18, 2017
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Watch Anne Hathaway & Jason Sudeikis Decode Monster Movie Emoji Riddles

Watch Anne Hathaway & Jason Sudeikis Decode Monster Movie Emoji Riddles

While it might be odd to describe an Oscar-winning, well-compensated actress as underrated, I'd argue that the pop-cultural target on Hathaway's back has kept her skilled, always-committed performances from getting their due, though that may be about to change. You can check out Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis' visit to The Ellen Show in the videos below.

Sudeikis portrays both halves of Oscar convincingly, suggesting that Vigalondo's writing is to blame for the fact that his character - and the movie - make essentially no sense.

Can Anne Hathaway move a muscle without the entire world freaking out? Adam Chitwood from Collider said, "You've never really seen a movie like "Colossal". I was ready to face these situations.

We've all been there at some point in our lives: nearly hitting rock bottom with no end in sight.

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"It's amusing because with this movie, I've been asked to up my social media... thing". I saw it in the theaters, I'd made a film with Charlie Hunnam a long time ago (Nicholas Nickleby), it was great to see him up there fighting in a giant robot [laughs]. "It's the same one that I wrote", the filmmaker states. Austin Stowell also appears as one of the few to learn about Gloria's connection to the monster, but he is curiously underdeveloped. It mirrors her own behaviors and nervous tics, and represents the drunken, irresponsible parts of her life that she most needs to change.

"I believe that all of our actions, however small, have consequences and we affect each other", Hathaway says.

"I might be inviting some criticism by mentioning this, but when have I ever not invited criticism?" Instead of a capable, strong woman forced by the plot to become vulnerable, Gloria is a much more realistic version: A woman who's barely holding it together, gaining strength and capability. Yes, I'm going back to the place that I was raised and that has a lot of charming elements, but on the other hand, in my case it would mean failure. I don't want to spoil where it goes, but he's not your generic romantic co-lead. "It didn't take on the same tension I've felt doing love scenes". It isn't easy to work on yourself when everyone around you is trying to chip away at your self-esteem, and that's a conflict I'm sure Hathaway knows all too well at this point. There won't be another movie like Colossal (opening April 7) this year, and even when it doesn't entirely work, its sheer unpredictability makes it worth a watch.

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