Published: Mon, April 10, 2017
Worldwide | By Sean Reid

US Naval Carrier Group Inbound to Korean Peninsula

US Naval Carrier Group Inbound to Korean Peninsula

On Sunday, North Korean officials called the US action in Syria "absolutely unpardonable", and claimed the strike proved that its own nuclear weapons were justified to protect the country against Washington's "evermore reckless moves for a war".

Trump authorized the missile strike after the Syrian regime was blamed for a horrific chemical attack that killed dozens of people, including children.

"Then, next month when a new (South Korean) government gets under way, North Korea is expected to try to turn the situation around into a phase of appeasement and, use its moratorium of nuclear and ballistic missile tests to find middle ground with South Korea and the United States", Cheong said.

"The successive USA administrations have perpetrated strikes at those countries which do not have nukes only, styling themselves a superpower and the same is true of the Trump administration", the Korean Central News Agency said in a post on its English-language site.

Following the airstrikes on Friday, the USA has warned the Assad regime it is prepared to take further action in Syria if necessary.

Pyongyang had not responded to American missile strikes on a Syrian air base as of Friday night here, but has otherwise ratcheted up threats against the US of late.

There was little doubt the missile strikes would be seen in North Korea as a message.

The timing of the strike during a U.S.

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While Trump has not set out a clear strategy for dealing with the isolated nation, he has criticized the administration of former President Barack Obama for its policy of "strategic patience", in the face of North Korea's ongoing efforts to develop long-range nuclear strike capability.

Rather than continue its tough talk on North Korea, Markey told CNN's "New Day" on Thursday that Trump should ask Xi "to tighten the screws" with economic sanctions.

Reuters reported the carrier will move near the Korean peninsula, citing a US official it did not identify. He also reiterated that Washington was prepared to take its "own course" if China did not apply more pressure on Pyongyang. The United States has spoken enough about North Korea.

The moves would potentially be considered if China does not help influence North Korea by using additional sanctions and diplomatic actions. Before the missile strike, KCNA said leader Kim Jong Un and Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad had exchanged pledges of friendship and cooperation.

U.S. Navy ships are a common presence in the Korean Peninsula region and serve in part as a show of force.

North Korea, which conducted two nuclear explosions and test-fired more than 20 ballistic missiles a year ago alone, will be a major topic when Trump holds his first face-to-face meeting with Xi at the USA president's Mar-a-Lago retreat.

And now, experts agree, North Korea is closing in on the ability to hit the United States with a missile, a goal that for decades has been the subject of Pyongyang's vivid propaganda posters.

North Korea has threatened pre-emptive strikes on US and allied military installations in response to what it calls political, military and economic pressure and provocations - a sign of growing concern in Pyongyang over Washington's shows of strength.

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