Published: Thu, April 13, 2017
Markets | By Terence Owen

Uber hits back at Waymo in auto lidar court battle

Uber hits back at Waymo in auto lidar court battle

Currently, more than 40 ex-Google employees are working in Uber's Self-driving auto unit and Uber has selected 7 employees excluding those 3 employees mentioned in the complaint lodged by Waymo to investigate their systems and database to check for those stolen 14,000 files by Levandowski.

Alphabet alleges that Anthony Levandowski stole 14,000 files from its self-driving auto wing before he left in January 2016 to start the autonomous trucking company Otto, which was purchased by Uber in August for $680 million.

The self-driving auto division argued that this "calculated theft" of trade secrets netted Otto employees "over half a billion dollars" and allowed Uber to "revive a stalled programme, all at Waymo's expense".

US District Judge William Alsup has said, however, that he will not accept Uber's defence of being unable to find the files as a reason not to grant the injunction.

Transportation company Uber has said that a request for a preliminary injunction by Google's former self-driving auto division Waymo is a "misfire". It doesn't even possess thousands of files of proprietary information Waymo says it stole and wouldn't need them to advance its own self-driving vehicle program, as it's relying on an in-house design with radically different features than Waymo's, according to a court filing.

In asserting its key defenses publicly Friday for the first time, six weeks after Waymo sued, Uber argues it's been wrongly accused.

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"I would love to put Mr. Levandowski on the stand to explain to you what happened, because I think he has a good story to tell", Gonzalez said.

According to BBC, Uber also cried foul on the possible injunction to the fleet.

Boehmke worked alongside engineers who came from Tyto Lidar LLC, a company that joined Uber with Levandowski.

Till date, Uber is not being able to prove or justify its defense against Waymo's allegations and didn't co-operate with the U.S. district court with the orders related to searching for the 14,00 files in their database system. Uber could argue that as the case is centered on the actions taken by former employees, they should be the ones to get the heat for it.

Waymo's injunction motion is a misfire: there is no evidence that any of the 14,000 files in question ever touched Uber's servers, and Waymo's assertion that our multi-lens LIDAR is the same as their single-lens LIDAR is clearly false.

Before Levandowski defected from Google early a year ago start Otto, Waymo alleges he downloaded more than 14,000 documents containing trade secrets that is now helping Uber. Uber now says it clarified the filing to explain that the Otto vehicles didn't have lidar at all.

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