Published: Fri, April 07, 2017
Culture | By Henry Herrera

O'Reilly book offers tips on how to treat women

O'Reilly book offers tips on how to treat women

One sign in O'Reilly's favor: The Wall Street Journal reported that Fox renewed his contract, which was due to expire at the end of the year, while fully aware of the accusations, which stretch back more than a decade. O'Reilly has denied wrongdoing and said he supported the settlements so his family wouldn't be hurt.

Earlier on Wednesday, President Trump told the New York Times that O'Reilly was "a good person" and that he "shouldn't have settled" with his accusers.

Do you think Fox News should fire Bill O'Reilly?

"Awful book written by an very bad man. Buy this book if you support sexual harassment, misogyny and dishonor [ing] women".

The rapid defection of advertisers this week from Bill O'Reilly's show because of sexual harassment allegations raises what once seemed an unthinkable question: Can O'Reilly survive at Fox News Channel? The alleged payouts have prompted at least 38 advertisers to pull spots from "The O'Reilly Factor". His defenders include President Donald Trump.

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In an appearance on MSNBC's "All in with Chris Hayes", California Congresswoman Maxine Waters said "O'Reilly needs to go to jail" when asked about the allegations. Online TV company Hulu, which is part-owned by Fox's parent company 21st Century Fox, pulled its ads from "The O'Reilly Factor" earlier this week without comment.

Some of the companies that abandoned O'Reilly issued strongly worded statements that may be hard to explain if they return, said Angelo Carusone, president of the liberal watchdog Media Matters.

The report outlines a series of disturbing claims, spanning from O'Reilly screaming at a junior producer to the television host telling another producer to buy a vibrator and calling her to describe sexual fantasies involving her.

About 13 minutes and 35 seconds worth of commercials aired on last night's The O'Reilly Factor, compared to 18 minutes on Monday's show. The company normally doesn't advertise on shows that do political commentary, and it has suspended all of its Fox ads until it can be sure none are shown on O'Reilly's show, a spokesman said.

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